Would like some feedback on this build

Witch Doctor
What would you say about this build with the Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan?


Grave Injustice would be replaceable with Midnight Feast. Not sure which would be better.

I already have everything that would be used like MoJ, TaT, zuni chest boots OH, harrington, but no pants yet. Wondering how it would work out compared to the standard Firebats build, especially in regards to some of the more dense white trash packs which would be its weakness.

Essentially, the question ends up being: Is the additional 25% damage to your pets more beneficial than having a casted spell like Firebats?


It also might be something that would be better off used with a Kukri since we wouldn't be using Sycophants.


The reason I used Bruiser instead of WP was because of the new changes to it in 205

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