Key Warden missing from Oasis

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Have looked 20 times. Hes not there
DarkSol thanks for making my morning
He figured out the best way to protect the key. They are evolving!
05/16/2014 11:10 AMPosted by Bloodwraith
Have looked 20 times. Hes not there

What difficulty?
Key Wardens are not intended to show up unless the game is set to Torment difficulty, but they sometimes do because of a bug. I know that didn't answer your question directly, but it's possible they're not showing up due to the difficulty being too low.

Try setting the game to Torment 1 (or higher), and see if you can find them. If they're still not spawning for you then we'd definitely love to hear about it. Thanks, and good hunting!
05/16/2014 11:14 AMPosted by Minandreas
He figured out the best way to protect the key. They are evolving!

Haha! They're getting clever! Either that or maybe he called in sick.
I always get problems with Act II Key Warden, it's definitely set to drop the key way less times than the other. I mad a chart about this, let's say you're after all the keys, this is roughly what you'll encounter (at least in my case):

Act I, 35%
Act II, 11%
Act III, 29%
Act IV, 25%

So I have like 14 act I keys, 4 for Act II, 10 for Act III, and like 8 for Act IV. This is based on T2 drops.
I'm also seeing bias in which keys drop, but for me Act 3 has yet to drop a key. I don't hunt them down, but as is of the times I've gone against Act Keywarden, 50% a key drops. Act 2 I've encountered less, and it's like 30%. Act 3 I've hunted down, still no key. Act 4, dropped about 30% for me.
I just wanted to add that there seems to be an issue with the Act I keywarden, at least for me anyways. I have been playing RoS since the expansion came out and I have only ever found ONE of the Act I keys from the keywarden, and that was in the first week or so of play. Since then, I have killed him 7 or 8 times or more on T1 and higher, and he never drops the damn key. All the others acts seem to work fine. I actually have gotten more keys from Act II then any other Act in the game.

I had an issue with the Act I keywarden in D3v as well. I made a thread about it because I was playing on T6 and cleared something like 13 key runs in a row without a single key dropping for me. After the Devs closed that thread, the next time I logged in, I found the Act I key and a well rolled IK set chest armor piece in the same game.

I swear Blizzard can go in and make it so something drops for you or not. Seems every time I make a post about things like the one mention above, I always end up finding what I was looking for very shortly after.
05/16/2014 03:39 PMPosted by Shredder
05/16/2014 11:14 AMPosted by Minandreas
He figured out the best way to protect the key. They are evolving!

Haha! They're getting clever! Either that or maybe he called in sick.
Also make sure you're checking both halves of the Oasis... I've seen many times (before patch 2.0) in public games people would say he's already dead or can't be found before searching the whole oasis map and before you, the group leader, has a chance to respond that you know for a fact he's not dead yet everybody's gone. But then it was just like, okay I'll take him out myself... thanks for the nef stacks, which I'm also glad was done away with for the keywarden aspect at least.
He can sometimes be hiding in the south eastern part of the map in the little ravines with water on the ground. Make sure to check there too!
When you join a game after changing the game tag from "Monster Slaying" to "Key Warden" then the Key Wardens will always spawn, in all 4 acts. I have been farming for days now and they always spawn. However, the Key of Bones drop rate seems to be bugged, as it has not dropped for me at all since the patch. The other keys are dropping at a regular rate though. I have encountered other players that have had the same problem.
Act 2 Keywarden has refused to drop a key for me for two weeks now. Maybe around two dozen attempts?
Speaking of Keywardens... Can you pull the A1 Warden a bit away from the nearby Waypoint? Most people don't go into a Fields of Misery bounty expecting to be shot within 5 seconds by the Elusive Khazra Brute with a fireball before he's even onscreen.
Act 2 Keywarden has a habit of hiding in the sections that have events.
I see him all the time and I'm not even looking for him.
For me the A4 warden is the only one that wants to drop keys. If I'm intentionally farming them A4 drops keys and nobody else does. If I just happen to be out in the world and run across a warden, Nekarat drops keys and nobody else does ;)

Sokahr's the biggest offender for being a mean jerk who doesn't wanna share ;)

But as mentioned above, Sokahr likes to hide in little corners at times. There are little alcoves down along the southern border of the zone, make sure to check down in those.

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