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Hi there!

I have two short questions for you. Before that, I have to admit that my lore knowledge come mostly from D3 and RoS as well as a wiki (I've never played Diablo 2 nor did I read any of the books..shame on me I know :P). But, well here we go.

1. Can any angel enter and leave the High Heavens at any given time? I know that Tyrael was on Sanctuary multiple times, as well as back in can any angel just open a portal and go back? (When he is, for example somewhere in Westmarch for whatever reasons).

2. I've read that an angel can disguise themselves to walk among humans? Is this still lore? The sources are from Diablo 1 books, which are quiet older nowadays.

That's it for now. Thank you! (Any grammar error you find, you can keep for yourself. English is not my native language :P)
1. Yes, angels can come and go in the High Heavens, probably mostly through teleportation. At least from what I remember of Act V, there is even a permanent portal in the High Heavens which angels can use to go to the realm of Pandemonium.

As for question 2, the angel Inarius disguised himself as a human in the Sin War trilogy of books, and the Enchantress follower in-game, Eirena, finds out that her mentor was an angel even though he looked human. I do not know if all angels can do it however, perhaps only the more powerful ones can.
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Eirena, finds out that her mentor was an angel even though he looked human

Ah, yes. I completely forgot about this one.

To the rest: Alright, thank you for that. Helps me much when writing my fanfic :P

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