D3 cursor is a joke?!?

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First of I am not sure if this is the correct place to suggest ideas for d3...but I think that we as players of d3 have all come across issues trying to locate the cursor while in battle. I am not sure if there have been topics on this or not but I wanted to bring this up because I am a HC player in d3 it is critical to know where your character is going and what he/she is attacking...I have died a number of times from losing the cursor and clicking franticly to all of a suddon running into a mob and dying.... So I am hoping I can get a large community agreement on having an option for the colour of the cursor. I would have thought that this would have been implemented already..so I thought I would bring it up in case it hasn't. So please get behind me and agree that we should have an option of a colour that we can make the cursor so the hc players and sc players don't get lost in the mobs.
Again I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I thought it was worth it none the less.

Come on blizz its another easy change that can be implemented in the next patch to make a great game even better :)
I've definitely not died to it but I will admit with all the fancy abilities the screen clutter is a bit .. overwhelming at times making it easy to lose the cursor. Coupled with the fact that my cursor decides to randomly point in one corner (technical side) it's quite distracting. I'd love the option to either make the cursor way more intrusive to the game (ie glow green/red or pulse or something) or even increase the size of it.. If I got to increase the size of it I'd make it at least as big as those huge executioners that seem to wreck my face with their undodgeable super special two arm ram fist ability.
Wrong forum...
But I agree with you ! (softcore play)

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