Winter flurry..

So this item dropped for me, is this item BiS for cold wizards? can any1 share a good build using this orb?
No. Cold BiS is +2 Mirrorball or Light of Grace. This source has an exceptionally low drop rate though - so keep it in the stash as a trophy.
Light of grace is good for mid torments. Glacial spike + mirrorball usually better for high torments. In either case, winterflurry is not that good.

When I used my cold gs/archon build, I would switch out my mirrorball for winterflurry when in archon (when I wasn't feeling lazy) for the dmg boost. Other than that, its unique affix isn't that good since it requires that you kill things to get the proc.

I'm really hoping they buff the affixes on super rare wiz items like winter flurry or velvet (or non-wiz frostburns) in the next patch so non-fire builds are viable in t6 group play.
On my 1st wizard, I'm using a Frost Hydra/RoF - Black Ice. This build works great for most situations because you're freezing/slowing everything but it does require you to have the gear. I had a Winter Flurry but it was so poorly rolled I salvaged it but am looking for another (using Tal's in place). In my particular build I DO NOT want RoF to pierce so a Winter Flurry would be ideal for the extra cold elemental damage. I want that 5yd AoE on the nearest monster. The chance for a free FN is nice for the cc but not essential for the build and it only procs on kill. The FN from the Hydra's/Magistrate is really good because it doesn't require a kill to proc. Frostburn gloves are recommended for the high chance to freeze. Each hydra casts FN once every 5 seconds so I stagger casting them by 2 secs. I also use BH - Absolute Zero to help group the monsters together, boost my dps (3% per monster hit), and take advantage of my strongarm bracers. Alot of your dps is elemental and from leg procs so it won't show up on your sheetDPS. A fair amount of cooldown is recommended so you can cast BH often and some combination of APoC/RCR/AP Regen to sustain RoF.

Cast BH
Drop 2 hydra's
Cast RoF
Rinse and Repeat

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I would think with Vry set in archon form your kill rate would be so high that the screen would be erupting in frost novas with winters flurry. I have one myself and plan to test that once I get a good cold ammy.
I've been going back and forth between winter flurry and LoG and IMO it really depends on how much you use archon and hydras. LoG is great for melting mobs with black ice, but I found myself using snowblast more often since it's really all about killing elites packs. winter flurry synergizes w black ice well because when something dies it can also frostnova keeping enemies on the "death patch"

I run a spec similar to Moose's and went with winter flurry because it shines as a form of cc (not to mention the extra 20% dmg) in archon form (especially in group play). With hydras and cold skills getting a significant bump in 2.1 WF could prove to be BiS for cold wiz.
I couldn't find a build where I liked it more than MirrorBall with Glacial Spike - it worked ok though.
I actually went from a GS/MB build to WF/ROF because IMO the latter is the only way to get good burst damage as a cold wizard (next to archon combustion w/ vyrs).

I think a common misconception about ROF is that it is a single target spell. It hits all enemies within 5 yds of the first target hit. So basically it works like area damage except it hits 100% of the time. If you stack area damage % and use blackhole w/ black ice and run 2 hydras w SS it is in practice just as good as a LoG ROF. Add in the 20% cold dmg for hydras/archon/BH and I'm convinced WF is the source to have for high end cold builds. The secondary proc is just gravy.

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