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Got a nice surprise email today. Seems i have a beta to download. rather excited about this release too

Congratulations, you've been selected to battle it out in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha! Heroes of the Storm™ is our first free-to-play online team brawler, featuring iconic Blizzard characters, fast-paced combat, and epic battlegrounds that alter gameplay in fun, unexpected ways.

anyone else get beta/alpha for this?
WAZZ, I got one too
sweet!!! Im going to download it overnight as i imagine its a big file, so ill be ready to play tomorrow. It looks really fun!
I plan to do the same, there goes my uber runs....

Can't wait until they unlock that WD
Add me on the Alpha guys(servers aren't linked so gotta readd), it's really fun, I'm highly addicted.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'
Congrats guys! I look forward to being able to use the DH that we all got from pre-ordering RoS.
will do Narull.
looking forward to testing it out

downloading now. its only a 6GB file too! but to top it off, start the download and theres 2.64GB left. best!
Hey Narull,

got a pickle of a problem. I downloaded the beta/alpha through the battle net client. the download completed, no probs there, but the PLAY button is greyed out

Help me Obi-wan- Naurll, you're my only hope

edit. it fixed itself
Just installed going to check it out now.
I was also lucky enough to receive one of those e-mails! I have been playing for the last few days and I can tell you this, I'm really enjoying it.
i dont understand this game. maybe i need to do the tutorial after all :P
I also received an e-mail.

I downloaded it but for me it's not working. The whole screen is black and I can only see the health bars. I should create a ticket I suppose.

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