What's your favorite item?

Items and Crafting
Wand of Woh! Duh!
Fav item? one thats not BOA!
Inb4 this is moved to "Item".

Legacy Puzzle Ring.

Nemesis Bracers.
My Wand of Woh is pretty badass. Found it about 2 weeks into RoS, just had to roll the socket.
wirt's third leg
My Ting uh duh Deep
Echoing Fury with 1200 dps, socket, 160 strength, +0.24 attacks and 93% crit damage.

This as well as Teeming Necklace still gives me more joy when I look at them over all RoS items with their dumbed down 4 primary stats.
SMK. Totally speeds everything up, it's just great!

Honorable mention goes to Haunt of Vaxo even though I haven't found a good lvl70 one. Good effect with a "build around me" restriction. Good design.
My illusory boots they are the BALLS.
Starmetal Kukri is easy top contender and also a honourable mention to Tall Mans Finger, pretty much a perma 30% damage bonus and a 5 to 10 second cool down on fetish army and a big bad @ss dog that can tear the SH#T out of anything. What more could you want : )
Yes to Illusory Boots! I can't imagine wearing anything else now.
Hands down it's the items that open up new builds.

There's a WD mask i got at lvl 60 that enabled Haunt to root and fear all enemies for 7 seconds, i still use it occasionally at lvl 70 to perma lock down enemies.

The spear for barbarians that gives 50% bonus damage to Weapon and Spear Throw, opened up a whole new fire build for me, felt like i was playing a burly amazon from Diablo 2.

I really hope Blizzard continues to evolve Legendary abilities to open up more alternate build types.

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