Bounties 4 Mats

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Bounties 4 Mats

I'm currently Soloing Torment Bounties and inviting people for the Bounty Reward.

What I ask is at least either 5 Rare, Magic, or Normal Items. Currently I am asking for magic items (Blue)

3 Joiners = 15 items for me.

In the Cache, you can possibly get half of these items back anyway, but dont give me those because those are Bound to account. :)

Its just like rift it forward rules, but every other Joiner will have to drop the requested items.

This community is for people farming for Cache's or for Crafting Mats such as Arcane Dusts, Reusable Parts, and Veiled Crystals.

I dont care how you get the items, just as long as I can pick them up and salvage them then you are good.

Please Honor the system

Sincerest good luck. If people being honorable is involved I have my doubts.
Not a bad idea.


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