Do you have a routine for getting ready to play D3?

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Like before you start to play the game and when you first log in?

Mine is to first get iTunes or Pandora going. Either some alternative rock, remixes, or game of thrones-type music. Make sure a snack (chex mix, cinnamon pita chips, grapes) and water is nearby. Then log in, and see who is online on my friends list and clan list. Check the community's messages. Ask if anyone needs a rush or help with anything.

If everyone's all good, then I'll see if anyone is up for either Rifting or Farming and on some days when I feel like testing my builds, I'll ask and sometimes even demand that someone "brawl" with me lol. I test out some new transmog designs I've thought of. Do some crafting and a little gambling with Kadala. I listen to Tyrael talk about his eating/stomach issues. Check in on the followers and hear the scoundrel make fun of the Templar and his ways. Then repair my stuff and sell all my junk I've collected.

I play for about 2 hours when I can. I build up a mental list of all the things that I think need work on the game at the time, and then come to the forums to see what others are talking about.

How bout you? What's your routine or way of playing D3?
*Sits in chair*
*Loads desktop app*
07/12/2014 08:25 PMPosted by Endlessheals
*Sits in chair*
*Loads desktop app*

Lol. Only if RNG is generous.
The OP hasn't reached the D3 end game yet like I have. Here's what he/she will be working her way up routine:

1> Log on forums.

2> Log off forums.

3> Rinse and repeat.
My routine is this:

1) I log in, see that I have no stash space.
2) Check my storage characters for any available space to move things out of stash so that I can move stuff off character's local inventory so that I can pick up a few items
3) Check the forums to find out if there are any new changes to PTR notes so that I have a clue what I might be able to safely salvage without being upset over it later
4) Try to figure out if there is something I want to delete
5) Consider if I want to organize anything that got all screwed up misplaced from step #2
6) An hour later agonizing over all the set items, elemental affixes, str/dex/int combinations I either:

7) Play with 4 slots free and make 10 round trips to salvage per 5 minutes or
7) Ignore all but legends until my 4 slots are used up with something that looks good (go back to step #2)
7) Get annoyed to the point of closing the game with hopes I'll feel like salvaging stuff later

8) Play forums
  • remove pants
  • cue up music: Modern weapons, Deadsy, Perturbator, The Anix ect..
  • pray to Lucifer for RNG
  • grab a beer
  • profit
  • If I didn't sleep well enough at night, I'm going to be extremely sleepy as soon as I try to Rift. To combat this, I sleep before playing Diablo 3...

    Sleep before a Rift or fall asleep during a Rift. My Gosh, how did they manage to create such a boring and linear end-game...
    Log on

    Wonder why I logged on

    Check forums to see if anyone else did the same thing

    Repeat every 24 hours
    Think of logging on

    instead read forums for changes in ptr/bugs/lolz/boredom

    log on, try new builds/rift/hope i get that roll ive been trying for over week...

    either i get the roll then continue playing for awhile or i dont and log off

    hope for an upgrade, get it, play for awhile more

    more then ever lately i find myself face planting the keyboard cuz im half asleep

    realize how insane it all is and move on to other things

    pray to rng gods for :

    DH - calamity
    Barb/Sader - thunderfury

    login, prepare to be disappointed >.<
    On saturdays:

    1) Get on steam to check any sales
    2) Troll a bit on youtube
    3) Log on on battle net
    4) Play 3 hours
    5) Forget about the game existence till next weekend.
    Been a while since i played this game so gonna have to remember this.

    1) Open up the d3 bnet exe thing. Click start game or whatever it is called these days.
    2) minimize d3 and open up bnet forums.
    3) check blue posts for any update on team deathmatch
    4) no team deathmatch so check general forums to see if people are rioting
    5) about 5 threads about ppl pissed off cuz no team deathmatch. Click on thread with most pages.
    6) read 1 post about how OP got swindled out of his money and 69 responses from casuals about how they got wrecked in pvp in other games
    7) open up d3 window, check brawling games. See there are currently 0 people brawling in american realms
    8) exit game
    9) uninstall d3
    10) reinstall d2

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