Please don't make me find a new TMF and SoJ

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07/14/2014 05:57 AMPosted by CrniVuk
07/14/2014 05:38 AMPosted by Rainmeadow
Seriously, what do you want to do anymore in this game if not finding uprgrades? I'm glad that once 2.1 hits the servers, I'll have several slots to regear. Right now it's an update every 3 weeks... (at least with my Fire Crusader).

that would be not so much of a problem if finding upgrades would be actually fun, but right now its just a big gamble, so it can be quite frustrating, if it took you lets say 300P points to find your RoRg or SoJ, then its just natural that people feel frustrated about the idea that they might have to find another one again. I mean in the 2 years I played D3, I never even found a SoJ ... if I imagine the same to happen in RoS? Oh boy ... and then it has also to roll with the right affixes.

I can understand that you get frustatred if you don't find the item(s) you need, but once you have them and just need upgrades, it's not remotely as bad. So even though I need a ton of new gear (new Amulet - 5 primary Flavor of Time, BT, Hellfire or the like, BT Belt, Vigilante Belt, SoJ (Holy and Fire), etc.), none of those items are essential for my build(s) to work.
07/14/2014 12:05 AMPosted by Alex
Over 325 plvls since the release of RoS and I've only found one good TMF and one fire SoJ. Of course the changes to these rings are only beneficial in the long run, but still, the thought of having to do that over again is very discouraging and unappealing.

Maybe it could be so that Ramalandi's gift can also be used on jewelry?

I really dont see the down side.

Just say for a second that we had gems right from RoS release. You still would have found only 1 x good TMF and one fire SoJ. However instead of rolling CC or CD or whatever on them like you almost certainly have done so far you would have instead rolled a socket to stick in gems.

Nothing has changed you just need to re-roll the same items with sockets. Your original items are not degraded because of this and neither do you HAVE to find new ones (well OK maybe if you re-rolled the elemental type on a SoJ but not really anything else).
Looks like he'll have to reroll CD on both of them if he wants Gems. 49%/49%...that does kind of suck. At the same time, not everyone needs every Gem.

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