You are not entitled to get the gear you want

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it would be cool if we could trade all our extra gear for what we want tho
We know it's based on RNG. But that fact that anyone should have to wait 2 years or more to get an item they want is ridiculous.

A game based that much on luck better have something else to keep it exciting or most won't bother spending 2+ years searching for that one item.
and it feels like D3 came along and deleted all of that customization when they should have piled on even more...

they deleted runes and gems and skill trees and crafted uniques, odd ball items, charms they have less classes, seemingly less builds people persue......less theory crafting ...what sockets are capable of is less....amount of items is less......its just every-were you glance.....all i see is less less less less less less less......

Now THIS I wholeheartedly agree with. Could not have said it better.

I remember building a boxing pally and a melee sorc just because I could and they ended up being viable.
Bad RNG is bad RNG. Getting BiS gear waiting for RiF invites is worse than trading.

Game design that requires specific sets to actually advance to higher T levels and soon to be higher Greater Rifts is not as well thought out as a game design that allows a character and the skills that character chooses to advance to increase in performance as the player gains experience.

There will always be BiS, but the gap in skills and gear should be much smaller to allow for build and gear flexibility.

You're entitled to your opinion, but everyone else is entitled to their own.

My opinion is that dependence on specific gear and a small number of go to skills is not nearly as interesting as a strong character that can pick from a range of gear and skills that can be upgraded to be useful if not overpowering in high T-levels.

Then you're not soley relying on RNG drops, you are leveling your character. Enhancing it with complimentary gear as they are crafted or found, while leveling the skills that you enjoy playing. Once you are bored with these you can advance other skills are re-gear for a different build that is effective and in the opinion of the player, fun.

I respect everyone's opinion, but a game that is an RNG easter egg hunt with a basically powerless character, in my opinion, is more like a junky looking for his RNG dealer for a gear fix than a powerful character using powerful upgraded skills that are enhanced by gear but not near useless without them.

But varying opinions make life interesting if not frustrating at times.
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You aren't losing on any storyline

Bro, people (most people anyway) don't play ARPGs for Story.

Many (including yours truly) beg to disagree.
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There is this misconception that if you play x amount of hours you are entitled to get the gear you want, this is false, rng is rng which is the very core mechanic of the Diablo series, so don't complain why low paragon lvl players get super rare legs while you don't, rng is rng plain and simple.

Oh I am entitled. RNG is not effin RNG to me. I told Blizzard what's up and I got all 6 pieces to Maurader's set immediately from Kadala.

I remember that when the AH was removed that the new plan was for people to play and get loot. Not only loot but epic loot. Your right it didn't say you had to play "X" hours. With AH removed, it was implied the that you wouldn't need it because you would get the items you wanted or needed. Not that the game would give you the items it wanted to give you. With set items even if you don't get the best rolls you do need so many of them to get the set bonus. Then the items should get better rolls because you are playing and most important if you are using an item a good chance for a better one to roll should be in place and it should not take weeks or more. D3 is making it so the fool me once, fool me twice saying will result in no new exp. or that it will sell poorly, or not until it is a proven game changer for the better.
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it would be cool if we could trade all our extra gear for what we want tho

No, just keep them or soul them. Trading allows third party sellers.
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07/12/2014 04:51 PMPosted by Jook
it would be cool if we could trade all our extra gear for what we want tho

No, just keep them or soul them. Trading allows third party sellers.

Selling alcohol allows people to drink and drive too.

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