Ideas for wizard, barb legendaries

Items and Crafting
Some ideas I've been brainstorming with a friend for some new legendaries.

Wizard arcane theme
level 1 - dealing arcane damage to enemies slows them by 60-80% for 2 seconds
level 2 - increase your arcane power on critical by 100%
level 3 - increase area of effect and duration of blackhole by 100%

This one is hard to make too concrete. You can see it doesn't have much to increase your damage a lot. The level 1 bonus I don't really like but was the only thing I could think of arcane themed. Maybe make it the common +500 int. Maybe level 2 and 3 could be separated and put into separate non-set items.

Wizard cold set (firebird competitor)
2 piece - gain a chilling aura that freezes enemies that (melee) hit you for 1 second.
4 piece - frost nova gains the effects of all runes
6 piece - when you freeze an enemy within 12 yards a comet falls at your location that deals 3000% weapon damage as cold. The damage of the comet is increased 500% (nominal) for every enemy you freeze.

This I imagine having 10 monsters around you, you freeze them all, a comet falls and shatters them all. Comet impact area would have to be greater than the 6-piece reach. I originally thought to make the 4-piece trigger only when 3 or more monsters are frozen, but then this set wouldn't be good against bosses.

Wizard meteor item
Your meteors have a 33% chance after impact to pull enemies within 20 yards toward the impact zone and stun them for 1.5 seconds. (does not work on tal rasha, or above cold set comets)

Barb brawler set
2 piece - enemies within 16 yards are taunted to attack you for 4 seconds and have their damage reduced 20% (threatening shout - demoralize always on you in other words)
3 piece - As long as there are 3 enemies within 12 yards, your attack speed is increased 15%
4 piece - Gain 1% increased damage for every 1% missing life.
No leave the brainstorming to blizzard.

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