Will we eventually have too many legendaries?

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It's already quite difficult to certain rare legendaries, but I'm concerned about season-only legendary items being added to the loot table after seasons conclude. It wasn't so bad in vanilla because many legendaries were low level. But with RoS and Smart Loot now any legendary can drop at level 70. What will happen down the road if there is another expansion and 10-15 seasons worth of legendaries? Will those already hard to get legendaries such as Starmetal Kukri, and Stone of Jordan become uber rare and unfeasible goals?
It wouldn't kill me if they eventually retired some of the current legendary items that are of lesser quality. I don't know that the problem you propose is really a problem for anyone other than people who hoard a lot of stuff they'll never use. But they ought to clean out old items once every expansion or so. Yeah, there would be lots of complaints. Tons.
Honestly, I don't much mind the idea of lots of legendaries. Given one change.

Evolve Int/Dex/Strength into mainstat. I hate finding a nice fire soj on my Crusader, instead of my dh. Ect.. Just merge all the mainstats into one "mainstat" and have it effect the classes differently. That way any item you find can be used for any class, regardless of what class it's found on. If that makes any sense. /shrug

I do think they need to give a major overhaul on "useless" legendaries. Buff them to the point where they are viable, so that most times a Legendary drops you think "ok, this drop has a slight chance to be !@#$ing awesome. Lets RAWL it". Instead of "oooh, another useless pos before I even roll it."

As for the idea of making some Legendary better than others, Blizz seems so fixated on the skill aspect. So and so item benefits X skill this way.

Maybe something like "X item can roll an additional 200 mainstat.

Or X item rolls +10% additional movement speed cap.

Or X item rolls "-40% single target damage, + 25% AOE damage" Like PoE does.

Or X item "While not in a party, increase all damage by 10%"

Blah, there are a lot of ideas. I like bliz, but I think they are too simpleminded in coming up with ideas for items and skills. All the time it's + X skill. I think they could learn a lot from PoE, negating one aspect of play drastically, for increasing another aspect of play.

Just my worthless 2 cents typed while drunk.

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