explain wiz damage plz

ok so, i dont quite understand how wizards damage works..

my paper damage says 1.25mil damage my buffed + fire damage is around 3.8mil

my meteor skill which says 1650% damage does 6mil to 20 mil damage on hit.. crits for 40.

crit damage is 450 ish

how the hell dose the math work because if u 3.8*16.5=62.7m yet damage reads 6 to 20(MAYBE mostly 12's)

can any one explain how its getting from 3.8mil fire damge to 6 to 20 maybe mil damage on a big !@# meteor?

any help to make me understand these TINEY numbers would be appreciated
what's your APS? you need to calculate your damage for a single shot, APS is factored into your sheet damage. Although...even with 2 APS, your crits should still be 170ish. idk.
but attacks APS on a cooldown spell?.. that sounds retarded and broken if you ask me my APS is 2.00
yeah so your damage per shot would be 1.9m fire dps.

1.9*16.5 = 31.35, then you have to figure out your min-max damage range. I definitely don't think you should be seeing hits of 6m.
how did u get 1.9? 3.8/2? And if thats the case then any cooldown spell would be broken as, because a readout of 3.8 halfed due to my attack speed then the FULL TIMER. because of the attackspeed means any cooldown skill is then !@#$ compared to any other skill with no timer.
yeah, that's how it works. you don't gain any dmg bonus from aspd on one-shot skills.

the displayed sheet dps is for constantly casting@2aps. it doesn't work for cd skills.

take your weapon damage + source damage, add them together to make your base weapon damage. should be something like 1800-2300. then, you multiply that by (your int / 100) + 1...so if 9000 int, multiply by 91. Then, to see what your normal damage range should be, multiply that number by (1+ (fire% bonus/100)), then multiply that by (1+(meteor%/100)). to get your crit damage, multiply that range by (1+ (CHD%/100))

for me, my weapon damage range is 1744-2220 (weapon + offhand). I have 9104 int, 101% fire damage, and 15% meteor damage, and 404% CHD.

my damage will be 1744*(9104/100+1 = 92.04) - 2220 * 92.04 per swing. This comes out to 160,517.8-204,328.8. My fire attacks will do that range * (1+ 101/100 = 2.01) -> 322,640.8-410,700.9.

My molten impact, therefore, will do that range * (1+15/100= 1.15) * 16.48 = 6,114,688.4- 7,783,603.2. My crits will do that range * (1+404/100=5.04), which comes to 30,818,029.5-39,229,360.1

This is with a sheet dps of 902k and a fire dps of 1.8m.
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that sounds retarded and broken if you ask me my APS is 2.00

07/18/2014 05:35 PMPosted by Lilamma
any cooldown skill is then !@#$ compared to any other skill with no timer.

u're one negative nanny eh...
ur damage on sheet (when u press c) is actually damage PER SECOND
not just damage...
that's why he ask what ur damage is

the damage on screen calculation is :

weapon damage *meteor % dmg* CHD (if it crits) * ele skill % * skill specific % * elite skill %* any damage modifier
i looked at your character sheet. there's no way you have 3.8m fire dps. 1.8, maybe. And half your damage comes from an inflated APS stat.

yeah, no wonder your meteors aren't critting very hard.
Take it this way. If your raw dmg is 1m and you attack twice every sec. Then the sheet would say your DPS (Damage per SECOND) is 2m. Meteor deals 1650% your dmg, or 16.5*1m=16.5m, not 33m.

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