A Potential way to make ET viable. ???

ET now deals damage in a manner opposite of our channeling spells(ramp-down mechanic):
1525% WD over 6s=

With damage applied in this manner combined with the new cast on location on the PTR, ET should do a reasonable amount of damage even within a 1s interval. Within 2s it can potentially hit harder than the PTR obliterate rune on arcane orb (700%WD). The remaining damage instances are just gravy.

Don't think it's too op since ET pathing is still random. We'd be lucky to have a single ET stay on a mob for over 2s. Also because the damage is broken down (don't know the mechanics precisely) into multiple instances, 760% WD over 2s doesn't mean 760%WD*CHD% on a crit. There are several possible damage outputs within this scenario alone.

Assuming 200%CHD we can have the following damage outputs within the first 2s alone:
No Crit -760%WD over 2s
Crit at 1s- 1160%WD over 2s
Crit at 2s- 1120%WD over 2s
Crit at both 1s and 2s- 1520%WD over 2s

I think this way ET can be viable on cast with the potential to out-perform other spenders while maintaining the level of randomness the Devs seem to love. Sort of like a Wizard spawning a super ultra hyperbolis twister tornado that starts off powerful but then dissipates because the Wizard found something else better to do with their time.

Numbers can obviously be tweaked. I just made them add up to overall WD. I think the last few seconds could deal a little more damage. Enough so that people wish the ET had hit them with its last winds, but not enough for people to rage that ET does no damage because its all wasted at the end. Any feedback would be great. I really love ET, used it back in CM days and it would be great to see it viable once again.

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