I have achieved Inner Peace

I rolled monk on launch day and have played on and off. I climbed my way into T6 capability after ROS launched. And I was genuinely excited for 2.1. I thought all my hard work would pay off. All those rare items I collected and sets I completed would be great. I would be able to play in the upper tiers of the game without worry.

But I was mistaken. I'm still willing to give 2.1 a chance but every iteration of PTR just makes me more and more upset. Or rather made. I have achieved peace with myself. Monks will never be good. The dev team is not listening. The community managers are trying their best. Even the blues that post I understand are doing what they can. I can tell they're frustrated with both us and the dev team.

But no longer am I angry. Monks need to learn to live a passive lifestyle. We should go ask the good people of Tristram if we can set up a farm. Maybe plant some crops. With Doctors have a lot of fetishes to feed after all. What were we thinking. We aren't crusaders. We aren't supposed to go on epic journeys in the name of God. No. We're monks. We should live peacefully and continue our hermitage at our monastic farm.
Monks were famous for making beer. When you set up that farm I volunteer to do that job.
I achieved inner peace when I rerolled Wiz, and then Crusader.
It's funny that I spent more than 5 times on my monk than my crusader, and yet my crusader is a LOT more powerful than my monk. Even though it has 50% less sheet DPS it wrecks !@#$ and never dies.

I don't think my monk will ever be as good. Even if I find a lot more items for him. It is hopeless I think I should change class.

This is how majority of monks feel about their class.
This is how majority of wizards feel about their class.

Praise Don Vu more. I mean, why should players' opinions and experience even matter?

How about you hire people like Druin?

Why not just removing monks from the game? You seem to be "fixing" monks, and all in the sudden, you nerf them AGAIN!

God...What is Blizzard doing to our beloved class...
These fists of thunder may not do a lot of lightning damage, but maybe I'll be able to generate enough electricity for our PC on the monastery farm...so we can all roll crusaders.

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