Seasonal Fist - Vengeful Wind

P1_fistWeapon_norm_unique_02 - Vengeful Wind

So it has a name now.

I'm still a little disappointed that not dmg buff was given to SW in this iteration. I think the Cyclone rune should have had it's damage buffed, even if slightly. Right now, it's at 35% WD, which even at 10 cyclones it's still fairly insignificant, regardless of scaling with lightning bonus.

A few immediate reactions:

Getting SW stacks should be fairly easy, even with low crit chance because of the increase attack speed to generators.
Cyclone may be able to pump out many at a time, as it once had.
Inna's reduced cost will mean full stacks is easily maintained.
Vengeful wind that follows (or precedes) all the !@#$ monks have to deal with. They should have picked a name that was less of a double entendre.

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