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Hi All

Sorry for another thread like this, I did look around but couldn't find an answer.

Would someone please let me know whether the PS3 exclusive items (ie. Drake's amulet (?) and Leoric's gauntlets can be transferred from character to character via the stash?

The reason I ask is that I am yet to play D3 on the console, but I would like these items. So my plan is to create a character on the PS3, import it, and then transfer these items to my new characters on the PS4...Will this work?
08/11/2014 04:01 AMPosted by Lance

Thanks, Lance.

I know it may be a silly question, but none of the people on my friends list plays Diablo 3, and as I haven't played the game yet so I don't know how it all works.
The Sony exclusives will transfer from PS3 to PS4, however they would not be included if you went from PS3 to Xbox One. More information about the cross-platform save transfers can be found here:

Q. Will my pre-order bonuses from original Diablo III transfer?

Yes. Your pre-order bonuses from original Diablo III will transfer to Ultimate Evil Edition, but only if you’re moving to the same brand (i.e. PS3 > PS4 or Xbox 360 > Xbox One). Once these bonuses are transferred, new heroes on your account will also receive them upon creation.

Pre-order bonuses from original D3 will not transfer if you’re moving to a different brand (i.e. PS3 > Xbox One, Xbox 360 > PS4).
So you don't keep even get to keep the white angel wings if you go from PS3 to Xbox One? :(

For clarification, if you transfer from PS3 to Xbox One, will your transferred characters at least get the Reaper of Souls DLC bonuses? (Infernal Pauldrons and Spectral Hound),
I didn't want to make a new thread on this since this is the same subject.

From what I understand the DLC content for Diablo III PS3 version is tied to my PSN account.

So does this mean if I create a new character in UEE, such as Crusader I'll have access to my Infernal Helm, the wings, and the two special dyes?

I didn't plan on transferring and since the items are non-tradable. How does this work for a Crusader then?

You can't transfer the Crusader from old console D3 to the new one because he didn't exist until Reaper of Souls.

Also is a character transfer "required" for these bonuses. I'd figure there would be a recognition or something with my PSN content licenses. Since I'm getting the PS4 version of Reaper of Souls, it's still the same PSN account that was used on the older PS3 release.
Will these Sony exclusives still be available if you don't own the vanilla edition?

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