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I'm having an issue connecting to the servers on my xbox one. Its getting frustrating not knowing the problem especially since my brother is able to play with no issue in the room next to me. any suggestions
Bump but also report on console bug issues
We've received other reports of this issue and are looking into this. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!
I am having the same problem on Xbox One. Have you at all been able to log in since you installed the game? I have not since I linked accounts.
Having the same issue, cannot connect to server on Xbox One.
Same here, my friend is playing online and for me it keeps saying "The Diablo III server is not available at this time. Please try again later." I downloaded the game digitally on Xbox one this morning, could that have something to do with it? My friend got the disc version.
Just tried it again and I'm now able to connect... yay!

I have the disc version.
Still not working for me :(
I've seen this issue dotted around in a few different threads now, hopefully it'll be looked into real soon.

Myself and my girlfriend are trying to play UEE together. I sign in to the Diablo III servers just fine, but she gets the error message;

"The Diablo III server is not available at this time. Please try again later."

We're both using UEE on the XBOX One, both are retail copies, patched, and with Pauldron DLC installed. Characters have been exported from the 360 and imported successfully on the XB1 for both of us.

I can always connect first time, she's never been able to connect. Been trying all night, but to no avail. We're both behind the same router, and have never had any connection issues to other games, including Blizzard games on both PC and consoles.
Its working for me now on Xbox One.
As has happened with Scooter - it seems that for several of these reports, they are resolving as time is going on. We're continuing to monitor and investigate. Thanks again to everyone who is still affected, for hanging in there!
Ticket US46040777
Ticket US46040837
Using 2 xbox ones to play Diablo 3, whichever console logs in 1st plays fine. 2nd cant connect. Unplug router, switch which console logs in 1st and the 2nd cant connect.

Support ticket #46040923
my ticket US46040725
Ticket US46041113
Ticket US46041482

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