a set to forge a monks playstyle

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Set name: Hammered Out Set
I brought this set to show because I think there is a philosophy of playstyle the created effects can bring out.

I will be checking comments out. Enjoy and please comment.

Bracer of Forging Trials
6 attributes
◆using two generators of the same element makes the next spender use the same elemental type

Sealing Belt of Reforging
•life %
•all resistances
3 attributes

Chest of Forged Tarnish
•3 sockets
5 attributes

Steel Knuckle of the Perfected Swordsmith(monks only)
6 attributes
◆Hitting with Dashing strike causes you to bounce back a minimum distance and land with force.(damage and knockback on landing)

Fibroid Fist of the Marbled Man(monks only)
6 attributes
◆Resource generators generate additional spirit on kill.

Timeless Stone of Nine Forges(monks only)
•4-6 crit chance
5 attributes

Testament of Gloves
•8-10 crit chance
5 attributes

Giant's Forged Shield of Copper
•8-10 crit chance
•35-50 crit damage
4 attributes
◆Breath of Heaven recharges a charge of Dashing Strike

□2 piece: Dashing Strike gains an additional knockback to enemies it charges through.
□4 piece: Blinding Flash gains the effects of Mystifying Light and Self Reflection.
□6 piece: Seven Sided Strike hits instantly.(animation only shows the seal underneath)
□6 piece: Exploding Palm binds enemy to the location(cannot be moved even by pulls). Unleash Exploding Palm explosion by using Inner Sanctuary or Serenity.

Edit: created introduction and did minor editorial work.

◆using two generators of the same element makes the next spender use the same elemental type

That may be interesting but won't work with the animations I guess. I like the idea.. somehow. I think it wouldn't be used a lot because most of the players won't use two different spirit generators.

Your set boni require too many skills and:
Dashing Strike doesn't need to be buffed, neither on live or on any item.
SSS is also used to get away from control impairing effects, so in your case, without animation, it would be less useful and maybe even irritating.

Is the 6s bonus good? Tell us why it could be useful?
08/17/2014 01:02 PMPosted by theremon

Is the 6s bonus good? Tell us why it could be useful?

Ill answer for both options of the 6 pieces bonuses.

The SSS bonus is to not use 4 or 5 seconds casting, and use the time to generate the bonuses from primaries. Also there is a number of passives that could be implemented in that time for better, stronger, combat. Hitting those mid range mobs in a giant pack with Resolve on. Casting a heal or sheild during that time with Guiding Light. Combination Strike, Mythic Rythm, Momentum are all interesting and could be equipped and used during those crutial seconds in combat.

The EP bonus I thought of for two reasons. Because in monk lore they originally sealed Diablo(cool relation there) and to lock an explosion in place leaves time to dashing strike out of combat and let the demons walk over the mob that is primed to explode. EP is a strong skill so the activating of the explosion would need a debuff(something Blizzard said they want to minimize) or a mention that Inner Sanctuary and Serenity won't both activate the skill until the first skill cooldown is over.

Overall both options are great ideas that if brought into the game can increase the benefit of time you spend in combat. The damage per time while facing monsters is increased by allowing more skills to be cast.
The skills used in the build are numerous but the 6 skill build allows a monk to equip 2 primaries, Dashing Strike, and Seven-Sided Strike or Exploding Palm. With 2 skill slots left you can follow the set build and select 2 from the list of serenity, inner sanctuary, blinding flash, and breath of heaven, or use the remaining slots to implement an existing Diablo set or legendary items effects.

I made a choice with the weapons, sheild and bracers obviously. The main-hand, off-hand weapons, and the 4 piece to the set are there as both gimicks and building options. Either, you dual wield fists so you can use dashing strike to get a little space from that last mob you hit and unleash your primaries. Or grab the sheild to be more defensive and allow soloing of those big single mobs. The bracers are meant to be a big part of having the set, yet not having the piece isn't game breaking.

Please, offer alternatives or ask more questions. I'm open to any comments and will build on any ideas I am offered.

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