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I've been working on a little personal project recently which has just been visually designing a fan class for D3. I thought I'd share it here! It's mostly been all about the art rather than the abilities, but the class uses melee damage augmented by shadow-based magic.

It's very much an ongoing project so it's not all polished but here's some art I've done so far. Would love to hear what you think of it.

Key Art -

Model Sheet -

Portrait -

Hair Variants -

Level Progression -
The headpiece on the last level variance is kind of muddy. The colors you chose are great but with the long sleeves im not sure how well the shadowtheif will weild a weap8n.
Wow. Great stuff. I wish I had half the talent it takes to create stuff like this. I especially like the third level without the high collar, though.
Thanks a lot! I'll work on that headpiece - and do some sketches for how the weapon wielding is intended to work.

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