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Miscellaneous Information:

Resource System
The Monk uses the Spirit System. The Monk can use normal attacks or combo skills to build spirit, which can then be spent for other Monk skills. True Spirit is the only known trait to enhance spirit for the Monk.

The last weeks of autumn had settled upon Ivgorod, and the first breath of winter had crept into the air. As night fell and the sun dipped below the horizon, I was all too grateful to take refuge in a tavern. As I entered, I noted a certain tension in the room. Despite the hour, it was not busy, with only scattered, small groups huddled at the tables around the edges of the room. The benches at the center of the room were empty except for one man.

The man seemed ignorant of the cold. He was dressed like a beggar, wearing little more than an orange sheet wound around his body, leaving half of his chest exposed. A garland of large wooden beads hung around his thick neck. His head was completely shaved, with the exception of a wild bushy beard. Then, recognition struck me: upon his forehead he had a tattoo of two red dots, one larger than the other. As any informed student of the peoples and cultures of this world must also realize, this man was one of the monks of Ivgorod, the secretive and reclusive holy warriors of the country.

I had heard countless fantastic stories about the monks, tales that were surely the beneficiary of significant embellishment. The monks’ skin, the accounts said, was as hard as iron, impenetrable by the blade of any sword or by the point of any arrow, and their fists could break stone as easily as you or I would snap a twig. Though the unassuming man before me seemed miles away from what I had heard and read of the monks, I approached cautiously, sliding down onto the bench across from him, eager to take his measure. He beckoned me forward with a small wave of his hand.

"Ah, a soul brave enough to sit with me. Come, friend."

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Food was placed before me, but I had little hunger for it, focusing instead on recording the details of the monk's life. He told me of his belief in the existence of a thousand and one gods, gods he believed could be found in all things: the fire in the hearth, the water in the river and the air that we breathed. Pretty enough for a story, perhaps. But any reasoned individual must surely, as I did, scoff at such a view of the world as little more than superstition. He went on to describe his intense mental and physical training, his unending quest to hone his mind and body into an instrument of divine justice. Though I do wonder for what need his thousand gods would require a mortal man to implement their will. When I asked him why he did not carry a sword or, indeed, any weapon at all, he simply replied, "My body is my weapon." Then raising his hand and tapping his forehead, he added, "As is my mind."

Most unexpectedly, I would be treated to a display of this mastery.

A group of men approached our table, knocking my book to the floor and shoving me out of the way, producing knives and other weapons as they advanced. They were focused only on the solitary figure of the monk seated across from me. I scrabbled beneath the table, having an inkling of what was to come. I watched as at some unseen signal, they attacked.

Without rising from his seat, the monk met the first man's lunging slash, grabbing his wrist and tossing him carelessly over his shoulder, throwing him into a table with a loud crash. The suddenness of the monk's attack momentarily stunned the men, and as they stood there, he rose.

That was when chaos broke out.

The monk was a fluid mass of restrained energy, meeting every attack with hardly a moment's distress. He fought with hands and feet in a way I had never seen before. In my days, I have witnessed my share of drunken bar brawls, but this was something else altogether. The sound of bones crunching with each of his strikes mixed with something I could not quite believe: the monk was laughing as he fought. One by one, he dispatched his foes until only one remained.

That one picked up a chair and hurled it toward the monk. The monk swung his arm forward and struck the incoming projectile, meeting the solid oak of the chair with his closed fist. The wood broke apart, splinters filling the air as the shattered pieces of the stool fell harmlessly to the ground around him.

"You don't fool me, demon," the monk spat. He pulled his arms back to his sides, then extended his hands before him and began to chant. A nimbus of white light appeared around his head, growing larger and more intense until it completely encompassed the monk’s body. He roared, and the light blew outward. As it washed over the other man, his skin peeled away, revealing a red-skinned demon beneath and threw the creature through the front doors of the tavern.

The monk hurtled forward, but his individual movements were too fast for my eyes to track. It seemed as though there were seven of him raining blows upon the demon from every side. Staggered, the demon stumbled. The monk grabbed the demon by the neck, grinning as he pulled his free arm back, crackling energy glowing on his open hand. He shoved his palm forward, and when it struck the demon, its body exploded: muscle, skin and bones tore apart, and the smell of burning flesh filled the air.

I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own two eyes. It seems the stories of these peerless warriors might not have been as exaggerated as I first thought. - Abd al-Hazir

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Skills (Subject to change)
  • Blinding Flash: (Requires Level 1) - Creates a flash of light that blinds all nearby enemies for X seconds. Blinded enemies will not attack unless they are attacked first. Blinded enemies have a reduced chance to hit.

  • Fists of Thunder - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 1) - ???

  • Breath of Heaven: (Requires Level 2) - The Monk banishes any harmful effects from himself and his allies, including stun and slowing effects and effects that reduce defensive or offensive abilities.

  • Lashing Tail Kick: (Requires Level 3) - The Monk unleashes a deadly roundhouse kick, dealing Physical damage and causing knockback.

  • Mantra of Healing: (Requires Level 4) - ???

  • Deadly Reach: (Requires Level 5) - The Monk projects lines of pure force that allow him to hit several enemies a short distance away, dealing a percentage of weapon damage.

  • Dashing Strike - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 6) - The Monk dashes quickly at the targeted enemy or location, dealing a percentage of weapon damage plus additional Physical damage.

  • Lethal Decoy: (Requires Level 7) - The Monk creates an illusion of himself composed of pure holy energy. This illusion attracts enemies to it, and then explodes, dealing Holy damage.

  • Crippling Wave - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 8) - A series of large, sweeping attacks that debilitate enemies and cause a percentage of weapon damage. First Hit: Enemies are dazed, reducing movement speed. Second and Third Hit: Refreshes the duration of the daze effect.

  • Mantra of Retribution: (Requires Level 9) - ???

  • Inner Sanctuary: (Requires Level 11) - Creates a protected region on the ground for X seconds that cannot be passed through.

  • Exploding Palm - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 12) - A series of lethal strikes target enemy nerve clusters, setting up a deadly chain reaction within the target. Deals a percentage weapon damage. On the third hit, the target bleeds for Physical damage over X seconds. If the target dies while bleeding, it explodes, dealing a percentage of maximum health in Physical damage to all nearby enemies.

  • Mantra of Evasion: (Requires Level 14) - ???

  • Tempest Rush: (Requires Level 16) - ???

  • Sweeping Wind - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 17) - The Monk sweeps his weapon in a circle, forming a barrier of force that deals a percentage of weapon damage to all nearby enemies. Can hit enemies multiple times.

  • Serenity: (Requires Level 18) - The Monk creates a shield that protects him from all incoming damage. Lasts X seconds.

  • Way of the Hundred Fists - Combo Skill: (Requires Level 21) - A series of punches strike enemies in front of the Monk, causing a percentage of weapon damage.

  • Mantra of Conviction: (Requires Level 22) - ???

  • Seven Sided Strike: (Requires Level 24) - Unleashes a fury of attacks, striking nearby enemies multiple times, dealing a percentage weapon damage for each hit.

  • Mystic Ally: (Requires Level 27) - ???

  • Wave of Light: (Requires Level 29) - The Monk summons a rolling wave of holy fire that scorches everything in its path, dealing Holy damage.

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Passives (Subject to change)
  • Exalted Soul: (Requires Level 10) - Increases maximum Spirit by 20%.

  • Frenzied Attack: (Requires Level 13) - When wielding two weapons, the Monk has 20% increased critical strike chance and 30% increased critical strike damage.

  • Aggression: (Requires Level 15) - Increases attack by 20%.

  • Superior Skill: (Requires Level 15) - Increases precision by 20%.

  • Expert Defense: (Requires Level 17) - Increases defense by 20%.

  • Resonance: (Requires Level 19) - Increases the duration of auras by 120 seconds.

  • Untouchable: (Requires Level 19) - After dealing a critical strike, increases dodge chance by 10% for 10 seconds.

  • Counterattack: (Requires Level 20) - When the Monk dodges an attack, the next skill has its Spirit cost reduced by 40%.

  • Weak Spot: (Requires Level 20) - Increases critical strike damage by 100%.

  • Strength in Adversity: (Requires Level 23) - Healing effects are improved by 50% if the Monk is under 35% HP.

  • Near Death Experience: (Requires Level 25) - When the Monk receives a fatal blow, the Monk gains 30% HP and 30% Spirit.

  • Flawless Technique: (Requires Level 28) - Skills that generate Spirit do 20% more damage.

  • Strength of Spirit: (Requires Level 30) - Skills that require Spirit do 30% more damage.

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Sup Sixen... thanks for this info; I'll likely be playing Monk so this rocks. I used to love Sorc for MF runs but having healing/defense seems more fun!
The monk looks like a souped-up version of a martial arts assassin.
08/24/2011 12:13 AMPosted by IHGKowz
The monk looks like a souped-up version of a martial arts assassin.

It's essentially an Assassin / Paladin hybrid. Everything is better with auras. :D
Monk is looking outstanding so far, will most likely be my first character.
what I'm not understanding is why have Dash as the Monks mobility move when you can just dash for free (even though a shorter distance) with the first part of WoHF?
extra mobility = extra drool ;-)
gotta love the monk
I can not wait to play my monk! :).
So excited to play a monk, I they are a far cry from any kind of character I ever played! Super Super Excited!!!
did the impenetrable defense get renamed serenity? I hope so, one of the main reasons i want to play a monk =D

Side note; there is still an 'impenetrable defense' short movie on the website =P
Resource System
The Monk uses the Spirit System. The Monk can use normal attacks or combo skills to build spirit, which can then be spent for other Monk skills. True Spirit is the only known trait to enhance spirit for the Monk.

Sixen, I found a typo and fixed it for you:

Resource System
The Monk uses the Milk System. The Monk can use normal attacks or combo skills to collect milk from Hell Bovines, which can then be spent for other more powerful Monk skills. Milk from Hell Bovines is the only known beverage to enhance the power of the Monk.

Hillarious Fuglypump.
Don't try to milk the cow king, that aint cool.
The Monk is the greatest Kung-Fu Master of all time. And throwing things like the Exploding Palm combo technique, Way of the Hundred Fists, and Seven Sided Strike in as abilities? I think I've decided who I'd like to play as!

My only request would be to get some sweet info on Weapons available to Monks.

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