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how did you get serenity on your right hand button??
Advanced monk tactics:
Some of you may know about elective mode. For those who do not. press escape ->options->gameplay then on the right hand side there is 2 invaluable resources to monks. elective mode and show advanced tool tips. check those 2 and apply accept. what this does is shows you the details for each skill and lets you place ALMOST any skill you want in each slot you have. some may find it easier to change key bindings on skills to multiple mouse buttons if you have that type of mouse/tracker/gamepad ,yes i said it correctly it is possible to play diablo3 with a xbox 360/ps3 controller you need the correct drivers to do so with which ever video card you are currently using. if you are interested google it up for nvidea/gforce/ect drivers.this post would be 10 pages long if i explained all that out so do a little research yourself if you are interested.

back to the topic once u have elective mode available hundreds of skill combinations become available. ALL of the pro top level 60 players use elective mode because it is the most efficient way to play d3. i cannot take credit as to the "FIRST" making common information available. however these advanced tips i am about to share i have not seen anyone else post on.

under primary skills there is fist of thunder,deadly reach ect. you may use 2 of those spirit generating attacks at the same time. for those who does not know what that does for you. saves spirit and gives a toolbox of new options
2.most of these attacks are 3 stage or 3 parts to a combo and by alternating mouse clicks you may exchange "parts" or "stages" of that combo to gain bonus effects.
3. what it does not do is double or triple up resource regeneration which kind of sucks but hey you cannot win them all.
4. using 2 primary skills means you may lose out of some dps, but gain survivability. in example: deadly reach with keen eye rune gives you 50% more armor,crippling wave and the cuncussion rune gives -20% enemy dammage. resolve/seize passives also gives you armor from dex and the enemy debuff for 25%. add that combination with some ok attack speed will let you have a fairly nice amount or armor as well as an debuff to enemy dammage by 45%.
set 2 primary skills to left and right mouse buttons alternate the 3rd strike between combo's. example left left left, left left right, left left left clicks. you just need enough attack speed to keep buff/debuff active. something like 1.7-2 attacks per second. dual daggers with some attack speed or dagger shld with attack speed jewlry ect.

as i said there is hundreds of possible skill combinations with rune setups for elective mode. it does not only work with monks but also with all of the other characters.
If only the Monk kept those passives... :P
Come on, let's take a look to this old passives blizz, there was a kind of theme beside them, like " dodging cause this.. " or " if monk is low hp... " etc.

I Think that's the way a monk should be, be strong when low life, or able to use his mind skills to be stronger when hurted, an agility master !
A Kind of roleplay. Please, reconsider them

ps : sorry for english mistakes.
I have not used the elective skill setting, and do not really know how to, any ideas on how to use it, and good combo's?
This thread needs to be updated or replaced. The front page is obsolete and incomplete. We need answers to questions like these:

"Does Sweeping Wind proc Resolve?"
"What are the true AS modifiers for our spirit generators?"
"At what point are Master of Wind, Blade Storm, and Cyclone best for a monk?"
"How does the +attack affix for Echoing Fury work?"

And non-class-specific questions like these:

"How do I calculate my effective life?"
"What's the difference between 'paper DPS' and 'real DPS'?"
Good to be back

THE SITH, has now taken over the domain of Sixen's ancient thread!!
I shall cast a re-animate ritual on this immortal zombie thread and bring it back to life.

The era now is the middle ages of 1.0.5.


The time has come, to execute Order 11.

this line marks the beginning of the NEW Age of the Monk.
Below it, Any questions, comments, suggestions
pertaining to the Monk class, will be answered, by myself and/or the Jedi Monk Council.

I am not awesome, I just like to troll some. ;D

my profile is in the guide thread, check it out when you're there.
can someone rate my monk? any tips?
this thread isn't quite the place for that,
you might want to ask in the main page.
but just one quick thing - invest in crit damage and/or socketed weapons.
ok, right. thanks!
08/23/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Sixen
Weak Spot: (Requires Level 20) - Increases critical strike damage by 100%.

08/23/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Sixen
Aggression: (Requires Level 15) - Increases attack by 20%.

08/23/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Sixen
Frenzied Attack: (Requires Level 13) - When wielding two weapons, the Monk has 20% increased critical strike chance and 30% increased critical strike damage.

08/23/2011 11:03 PMPosted by Sixen
Untouchable: (Requires Level 19) - After dealing a critical strike, increases dodge chance by 10% for 10 seconds.

Add this stuff. Remove the useless ones we have plx.
request update or un-sticky

Also my name will forever appear since i'm the last one who replied :)

nobody on this thread or you'll bump me ;)
Flawless Technique: (Requires Level 28) - Skills that generate Spirit do 20% more damage.

Strength of Spirit: (Requires Level 30) - Skills that require Spirit do 30% more damage.

luckily we have these passives. I shudder to think of how weak our class would be without them.

Oh wait..

this information sucks!

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