Demon Hunter for 1st class

Demon Hunter
Demon hunter or gtfo.
same for me i saw the demon hunter and i waslike O_o and then i saw the wizard and then i went O_O so im torn i guess ill just have to make both
Trying to decide between barb and demon hunter for first O.o. Whichever doesn't get chosen first will be second.
DH first by far!
I cannot wait to play my Demon Hunter! It looks like it is going to be a TON of fun. After that maybe Witch Doctor or Wizard. We shall see. ^_^
Totally going Demon Hunter first...the class looks really fun
I'm going DH because roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll.

Erry day I'm rollin.
Can't wait to try this out
Think the name won me over.
This will easily be my main character. I've always played Ranger, Hunter, etc as far back as paper and dice days of D&D. My Hunter in WoW has been my main since day 1 of release.
One of each class for SURE but will probably start with Demon Hunter. Dual-wielding ranged weapons just seems *particularly* bad-!@#.
def rolling a demonhunter first. i play a rogue in WoW (derp) and my favorite toon of alltime in D2 was my 96 hybrid zon... gogo 200% eth titans!
Bow using classes are always my favorite.
I like most have been torn between the wizard and demon hunter. I will definitely try the demon hunter first and see how it goes, but wizard is pulling a close second. I loved my bowazon back in D2.
Very simmply I want to play it because the cinimatic makes it seem like a total bad !@#
I have a think for dark brooding heroines. Sylvanas was always my favorite character in wow.

I've also got that poster of her signed by the dev team from last years Blizzcon. I think winning that was a sign for me.
I always love playing archer classes, and the Demon Hunter has that mysterious darkness about her...
Im going to play the DH first for two reasons.

The first is that i like the style of play. It seems interesting, and i never really got down and dirty with the zon in d2.

The second is that it seems like the DH is the least picked class for "Which will you play first?" polls and threads, so from a loot perspective it may be that DH gear is a little more plentiful at the start. Also, i dont want to be joining games with 3 other barbs, or 3 other wiz's. I want to play my unique class better than the others, and stand out.

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