Male or Female Monk? Why?

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I feel the female looks more appealing than the male for the monk class. Which will you roll first?
I think the female one looks cooler but ultimately I will probably play male.
male. cause i am man.
female because i like pizza.
Male, cause of the beard!
Male Monk, I have fond memories of my monk in EQ and can't wait to play the hell out of Monk's in Diablo 3.
Female, simply because "I'ma gurl you know".
Male. I tend to relate to the characters I play in games, and I'm a guy.

Male. He looks way more devout than the female monk.
Definitely a male... female looks... like an old grandmother...
Male for me...all my melee classes will be male. Reason being I am a man and men are physically stronger the end.
Female, because I like pretty things.
female, because as a guy, id prefer to look at a hot pixel girl screaming and moaning... instead of some guy grunting and moaning.
Star Trek fan here. Female monk = Tasha Yar. That is all.
Female Monk because I apparently have subconscious gender projection issues when I'm online.
Female Monk because it looks something like my Paladin, which will also share the same name. I have a theme and I'm sticking to it.
I'll probably end up making a male Monk, but I am definitely going to make a female Wizard and female Demon Hunter.
Male and only male. I'm a guy irl and prefer the look.

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