Male or Female Monk? Why?

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I think the female looks "cooler" therefore I'll play that. Maybe I'm stuck on my Amazon and Assassin builds from D2... Probably.

Not digging the male's beard. Besides, the female's movements/attacks seem more fluid. When she strikes an attack, I just find it more appealing.
I'm still not sure, I don't like that beard that the Male Monk has but the Female Monk doesn't feel monkly at all.
Male for 2 reasons. 1: I am male. 2: I have been shaving my head since I was 13.
I will choose male because it reminds me of aang from avatar.
Male because I am a Male and my wife looks at me funny when I play girl characters....
Female, I like the look of them more.
I have always had an issue with blizzards female avatars however the female monk is SMECKSY.
08/24/2011 10:50 AMPosted by Neinball
Star Trek fan here. Female monk = Tasha Yar. That is all.
Didn't see that before. Now I can't stop seeing it. So imma play with Tasha too ;)
Whats wrong with white hair?
Because pixie cuts are hot. Also, the aestheticism of the female monk better suits my vision of the class than the bearded male.

Edit - White hair was also a factor in me choosing female. Hardly ever see white hair, but when you do it's badass.
Female monk, because they are so cute it hurts.
Depends on what they look like and what names I want to use.
Male for the badassery that it will be.
Surprisingly i'm going for the female monk. I think the male looks stupid wearing tiaras while he is bald

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