Male or Female Monk? Why?

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I honestly haven't decided. I hate both of their voices equally seeing as they sound like they "vant to suck your blood".

I'm gonna wait till I see more things like higher level armor and the like but it'll probably end up being a coin toss for me.
Male because Bruce Lee o.O
I would be happy with either, but I will play female because, well, she's hot.
Male, I've found in most of the RPGs I've played. I like the look of female characters, but I don't keep playing them. I do like the look of the female monk though, I think monks should be small and fast.
08/24/2011 08:54 AMPosted by ZagesTeramA
Female because I am a pervert.
08/30/2011 06:43 PMPosted by justice
male, to be bald.

The female monk is bald in some places.
This is the only class I'm torn on for what gender to roll. I'll have to see how each 'feels' in game before making a final decision. I'm leaning towards male though.
Male...Looks cooler
Male because you are male? What are you homophobic? I am use to playing games all the time that had either character sexes, Diablo1 and 2 for instance. Did you people never play an amazon or sorceress because LAWL that is a girls class? Grow up and get out of your box. Its a game and if you dont plan on RPing then what does it matter what you pick.

I will be going with female because the male's huge spot on his head is annoying. Also an order that has you shave your head but not your face seems a bit... silly.
Male. Because of the beard. :)

Beard rocks
I found that slightly offensive ( I'm referring to Moridias' post; I'm typing this on my phone so can't quote anything). Shaolin monks shave their head but not their face, so is that silly too? It shouldn't be so hard trying to understand another culture or religion...

i've thought long about this and it seems there are two main reasons.
the first and more important one is look and animation preference.
the second reason is perception. people usually underestimate female characters so it is really fun to beat up people in pvp with a female avatar
Probably a male... because that is the gender that was advertised, (so male Barb, WD, Mnk, and female WZ, DH)

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