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Demon Hunter
My wife and I both waited 2 hours in line at gamescom to try the game. The Demon Hunter is the only class I played, but she was fun. Below is my first impresion of her (male wasn't availble for play).

Slow attack: The base weapon was a dual cross bow. It had a pretty good rate of fire, but while wandering around the tomb I found a bow. Nothing special about it but the new equipment lists the actual rate of fire. All the bows I picked up were 1 attack per second. That doesn't seeem to slow but remember how quick you can fire on a good Bowazon. I'm sure there are better and faster bows but that is just my first look.

Quick mana regen: Don't know if this is all the chars or not but she waas regaining mana as quick as I was using it. At level 10 (all the demo chars started at 9) she was slinging fan of knifes about 13-14 times on one mana tank and it refilled in about 5 seconds.

Quick attack and evade: I was apprehensive of the new skill usage system, but when I played it and messed with it, it works. The evasive skill (can also be used to travel) was bound to 1 and my fan of knives was 2. I would just evade into a trash mob and keep throwing fan of knives (there was no cooldown on either of those). Really cool use of button mashing instead of repeatitious clicking.

Bottom line: Although she was kind of weak with weapon attacks, the skills made up for it. Seems like it will be a very fun character to play.
That's what i was curious about. When i saw her she seemed like a skill oriented hero rather than the whole "IMA NUKE YOU FROM AFAR" im glad to hear that she is a good mix.
you should see some gameplays of her, I just saw a new skill trailer/video for DH, it was badass..
I like the analysis. Though, I don't know if you're informed of this yet, at beta, and release, the DH will not use mana. She has a dual resource system, hatred and discipline. So, the mana regen is a moot point. I'm sure every character used the same mana pool and regen speed so you could have fun with quick stills and to prevent you from spending time on resource management, which will be part of the actual game. :P
For the mana thing, I'm pretty sure they said they rig the demos to do more damage and have fast regeneration at conventions so you weren't wasting any play time dying repetitively and sitting on low mana.
As far as Hatred and Discipline go the resource system said Hatred regenerates relatively quickly while the Discipline gathers slowly but there are skills that you can use that burn Hatred and grant Discipline. Overall I think the dual meters is an awesome idea and the fact only one character has it is even better because it's not overused and it's something you can get used to and actually play a really good DH without suddenly understanding every character, it adds replay value (Which is really, really important in Diablo given that we're meant to beat it thousands of times) and it lets you feel accomplished in your class.
I definitely think that Demon Hunter, at least based on new info on the resource and actually playing her at Blizzcon, will take a lot of skill to play and is quite honestly one of my favorite i played the last 2 years at Blizzcon.

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