Ladder Reset Atmostphere of D2 in D3

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Before ladder resets where instanced, some buddies of mine used to play in what we called Ironman games, where the same group of 8 players play through HC with only the items they find in game. When Blizzard introduced ladder resets, this catered perfectly to that playstyle. I am writing this in hope that some sort of similar idea can be implemented in Diablo 3. Perhaps a top 100 Ladder that tracks the Inferno boss progress of the most advanced Inferno players and resets every 90 days or so, depending on how fast content can be finished. The thrill was in taking on the bosses in less than optimal gear and finding gear to give you at least minimal optimization for survival. Players on this mode, can only join the games with other players in this fresh economy atmosphere. It would also enable Achievements like Season First Inferno Boss kills in order to add to the competitive nature. If you advocate this playstyle, then please share your opinions as well.
We've seen other companies who are releasing games of the same vein as Diablo 2, and now 3, who I will refrain from mentioning here, have this very ability in the game to do custom ladder seasons etc.

I'm sure there would be desire among many people for this type of game play, and I don't see how it would affect the overall game play as it fit in quite well in the previous Diablo.

I understand that some don't want this because it creates segmented players, but why not have short seasons as suggested above that will eventually rejoin the community at large when its over.
We should be getting ladder season in RoS, hope you are still playing=p

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