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Whenever it does start it will be fun to see all the information and game play flow out. I will count myself luck if I myself is invited to the beta, but only time will tell. Lets all hope its just as great as the first 2
So Bash, we'll all be getting invites as soon as all the media receive theirs?

Beta has begun, we're just waiting on the server queue!
How long do you think the D3 beta will go on for?
I'd believe this. The senior editor of CNet for PCs and gaming... naturally he'd be guaranteed an invite. It's a matter of time until the lowbies get theirs now! I would guess September 1st. I'm just praying that I get one
Out of curiosity, do people that have participated in earlier Blizzard server stress tests/betas (WCIII/WoW/SC) have a better chance of being invited to other betas?
Well lets just hope the beta start out really soon!
OMG I'm so excited
I was watching to Force strategy's podcast today and they said for the SC2 beta, the emails where not sent out until 24 hours after the beta has started, for all we know the beta has started just no one is in it yet.
I've seen this post:

But still no word from Blizzard...
The date on it looks like 8/19/2011 2:07 which is the example page Blizzard displayed... looks like another hoax.
i hope your right :P
Diablofans posted something about this.

"Recently, some major press sites have received e-mails from Blizzard, These are just collecting information (their accounts) so they can be added to the Beta when it goes live. So unless you run a major press site or fansite, you need not worry about this. And no, this does not mean the Beta is starting now, just that it's starting soon! SC2 Press/Fansite invitations went out ~3-4 weeks prior to the start of the SC2 Beta. So... We've got a few weeks!

Quote from Diablofans
My wife was induced yesterday at 6am.
My daughter was born at 6 mins past 6pm...

6am. 6mins past. 6pm. SIGN OF BETA?

(true story btw, though the doctors called it "6:05pm" the clock read 6:06 when they called it. Guess their watch was slow, or the room clock was fast.)

Congrats man!
Testing a game is way better then watching people test it.

MMM time to drool over Diablo 3 beta
08/26/2011 11:52 AMPosted by Boscher
Dream number 2 last night. Game was patching pretty fast too. :(

I had a dream about D3, only the char. selection screen looked exactly like diablo 2. Then I got up to get a tasty beverage and when I came back, I was playing SC2 thinking, "Dang, this version of Diablo SUCKS!" and I was really disappointed, then I got an on-screen message saying that the SC2 looking part was an april fools joke and that D3 would start momentarily, then I woke up and was really pissed!

...I'm gonna go check my bnet game client page and email...
*sobs slowly*
Hokay, I know I said earlier in this thread that I wasn't sure if this was real or fake and what not. However, myself, Force, and ScyberDragon (also from DiabloFans and our DiabloCast) just received invites. That in mind, fansite invites are going out, so if you run a major fansite, you may be receiving one. If you do not run a major fansite and do not work for a press website, do not click anything that says D3 Beta!
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