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If it is the app i am thinking about, its called "diablo 3 news" and its actually a pretty damn good app. Even has a "gamble" feature to read a random news article. i have the app on my phone.
08/30/2011 10:31 AMPosted by BigFatPoopy
lol anything would be better than playing wow even a baby kitten scratching my balls all day 365 days a year, or a fisherman using a treble hook to catch brown trout from my anooso aka !@#$ which would tear my %^- to a real choclate star fish..... u play wow and you know your gay thats why your so defensive admit it

Your moniker explains everything there is that needs to be known about you. However, the verbal diarrhea that spews from your ignorant and infantile piehole only serves to confirm your handle is the most intelligent and mature aspect of your personality.

Yes, I play WoW, along with 10.5 million other people. I'm sorry your limited mental capacity is incapable of mastering even the basics of such an elementary pastime, but you're obviously quite butthurt over it.

Speaking of butthurt, you really should speak to a psychologist. The sheer number of times you used 'gay' as a slur in two posts and your seeming fascination with male genitalia and the !@#$ speaks to a very deep-seated, latent homosexuality. You really should come out of the closet before you snap.

If you keep feeding the troll he'll become a HugeFatPoopy

It'd be nice, but I'm afraid we won't be hearing from him for a week as he'll have to research every other word in my post to see if I'm insulting him or not.
I think !@#$ just got serious.
*insert michaeljacksoneatingpopcorn.gif here

D3 Beta please! Need something to kill the time when not wanting to play sc2, league of legends blows :(
Only god knows.
^ Cant go wrong with Battle of Wesnoth.
woot i wanna beta key lol hopefully my computer hardware is above their requirements lol i know it is
08/30/2011 06:35 PMPosted by Tyrant
D3 Beta please! Need something to kill the time when not wanting to play sc2, league of legends blows :(

Which seems to be 99% of the time. I think blizzards arbitrary and ridiculously secretive ranking system turned me off from the game.

aka you're horrible
gimme beta key omnomnomnom
Please dont necro old threads to give ppl false hope
Oh man that hurt

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