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I think this is 100% legit but we are getting our hopes high for nothing. This is only preparation. Yes it's a great sign of beta IMO but it doesn't mean the beta is up right now. But we can see the new site went up, the beta box art and d3 bnet stuff are up (we can highly guess it is, with the downloader ready) and now they are gathering press's accounts name to give them the beta wich is to start soon.

And just for the people talking about the e-mails when we get a blizz beta, I got my last beta mail (cataclysm) about 2 weeks after being in the beta... I was checking my inbox all summer long and when I logged on my BNET I saw the box art and was a bit frustrated about not having the e-mail. Maybe 2 weeks after I got an e-mail saying I was in the beta. Same thing for one of my friends but in his case it was maybe 5-6 days.
could be could not be just checck ur email every 10 mins like i do
ZOMG i want it!!
come onnnnnn septemberrrrr
I believe they have been notified of their beta invite, but would be surprised if it does in fact start in August. There was a blue post saying September so I'm guessing next Thursday at earliest.
It might start before September then!
Rich clarified that his email is legit, but there is still no date yet for the start of the beta.!/richbcnet
Last night somebody had posted the contents of the email which was just saying how they were going to be invited to the beta but they had to send their username to them to get the invite.

With that said.. for press that could be true because their personal email could be totally different from their one in which case Blizzard would need to contact them via the personal one to get the real one.

I think we all hope this means beta is out by the end of the 1st week in September but only time will tell.

*crosses fingers that it's out ASAP"
He tweeted that it is legit as confirmed by his blizzard source.
Confirm the blizzard source.


@davistk Blizz PR guy just confirmed receipt of my reply via his direct email address. Good enough?
Finally i can post on the forums!!!

BTW that is awesome if they are!
I soooooo hope i get in.
I want
Maybe I should start working for the press in situations like these..
08/26/2011 10:07 AMPosted by CrAzYBabOoN
Maybe I should start working for the press in situations like these..

I have considered the same thing. Maybe I'll freelance for GI.
Any blue can confirm this?
Tomorrow hu?

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