A Paladin's Journal #2 [Diablo 2]

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Journal Entry #2 – Sisters Burial Grounds

It was an interesting morning to say the least. I spoke with a woman I hadn’t been introduced to yet. She said her name was Kashya. She is clearly a strong woman; a woman proud of her position. I have yet to see her in anything but her strong chain mail and a reddish cape that perfectly matchers her hair. She didn’t take too lightly to me being here at the Rogue Encampment. Seems she is not fond of strangers.

There was more talk of the demon Andariel. She sounds more terrifying every time I hear of her misdeeds. This morning’s news bore heavy upon my shoulders…Kashya said that Andariel is not only praying on the living, but also controlling the dead. Blood Raven, a fallen rogue, has been brought back by the demon queen, and bore an immediate threat to the rogues at the camp. It was news I couldn’t take lightly. I set off immediately.

On my way to the burial grounds, a once holy place desecrated by the dead that now walked upon its hallowed ground, I passed by a young rogue. Her name was Flavie, and she spoke of the strength of the evil that had now been placed before me. I heeded her warning. Such a young rogue surviving out there alone is no easy task, and for that I figured it a good idea to trust her when she warned me of the danger.

Not long after venturing into the Cold Plains after speaking with Flavie did I meet a foul demon. Amidst the mumbles and taunting sounds from the smaller fire-like demons I could hear one speak his name every so often. “Bishibosh” if I am not mistaken. I could feel the heat coursing from him as though I had entered the burning gates of hell just by standing near him. A foul stench radiated the air; the aroma stung my nostrils as if I had stumbled into a tomb of a thousand rotting corpses. With what seemed like hundred of the fallen demons closing in on me, I delivered the crushing blow to Bishibosh. His innards flung through the air, staining my armor. Perhaps a visit to the camp blacksmith is in order.

And then there I was; the burial grounds. I could feel the eyes of the damned peering through me like a meal placed before a horde of starving fiends. There was no question that Blood Raven awaited my arrival.

Just beyond the gate, there she stood, a once brave soldier slain and corrupted into this horror that now stood before me. Her flesh seemed to be barely clinging to her body as though it were ready to fall helplessly to the ground at any moment. She looked as if a single swing of my weapon would crumble her to pieces, but the flaming arrow shooting straight for me from her bow and the evil intent burning behind her lifeless eyes spoke otherwise.

I hoisted my shield just in time to repel the arrow, but the fiend Blood Raven took no time in firing another. The horde of undead before her strode mercilessly toward me. Their pace was slow and steady, but it still felt as though there was no escape. I had no choice.

I unleashed my wrath upon the undead blight, and found myself standing before Blood Raven. I swung my weapon swiftly and accurately, yet hit nothing but the air as lifeless as my foe. Another swing and another swift dodge by Blood Raven. It was that very moment I realized that this task would not be done without a fight. I had hoped to free Blood Raven from her bonds without bloodshed. It will be tough explaining to the sisters that there was no other way.

The fight went on, and I was able to defeat the tortured Blood Raven. Even as she fell it felt as though her soul flew to freedom, and the few remaining undead around me fell to the ground with her.

When I returned to town, I spoke immediately with Kashya. The sorrow in her voice, though subtle, was obviously buried with pain.

Yet from such trying times emerges a small victory. With Blood Raven purged from the land, the camp needs less eyes watching over the gates. Kashya has dispatched several of her finest rogues to aid me on my journey. A fine gesture; it seems I have earned her trust, though I am not quite comfortable exposing any young maiden to the evil that surely awaits me in the days to come, I feel any help will make a tremendous difference in the quest of ridding this land of the demon queens grasp. I only pray for the strength to do what is asked of me.

For previous entry, or to follow the Paladin on his quests! (Video's coming soon. Link Pending)
Well written. Gave me a similar feeling to playing through the Burial Grounds in D2.
hah, the paladin certainly has a nonchalant outlook on his slaughter. "Perhaps a visit to the local blacksmith is in order." -- priceless. Like hearing a serial killer wipe his blade only to remark about how he hates to dull his favorite knife.

How come this post was reported? I didn't think it was bad at all. It's nice to get responses to something that you write. I'd love to post something of my own soon.

Keep up the writing, Nethrom!

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