Will this be your first time playing Diablo?

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Hi everyone,

Have you played the older Diablo series or will this be your first?
What are you most excited for??

For me, this'll be my first in the series, so I'm looking very forward to this!

Been playing since the original Diablo. Big thing I want is the crafting in this game.
I haven't played Diablo in yeaaaars... I am so excite
Actualy this will be my first time playing Diablo, I should get the second one but i can just wait to learn everything in D3.
no way and i am syked!
Nah, I've played all three.
I've been playing Diablo since the beginning.

Very exited over the prospect of looting dungeons and slaying demons!
I played Diablo 2, then Diablo, and now this one. I have been anxiously awaiting Diablo 3 since announcement, and I can't wait to finally have it in my hands.
First time (excluding D1 demo) despite playing the rest of Blizzard's IPs. But I'm eager to leap into a new game and its upcoming lore.
I never played the original Diablo but I did play D2 quite a bit, but I have not played for years now. I am soooo excited for D3 though its gonna be sick!
played d1 to death, played d2 to death, recently reinstalled d2 in anticipation for d3 and plan on playing d3 to death =p
never played d1, loved d2 and lod to death. i still remember all the meph runs i did! hopefully i can find a cool mf run to hit up as thats what i always loved :P a nice moat trick wouldn't hurt either! :P
Played D1 for 1 day... got bored of it. Maybe because i was too young and immature at the time to be patient with the game play.

Now in my opinion... D2/LOD is the greatest ARPG game ever made.

Jay Wilson can talk about how 'broken' D2 was but the fact is that it has withstand the test of time. People are still playing it regularly and still have a great time.

Yes, this is my first time playing a Diablo game? Should I play the first two games or just wait for this to come out.
Like many of you, I've played the Diablo series since the beginning. From the Butcher to Baal, it has always been a fun experience, and I look forward to what Diablo III has to offer.

08/24/2011 07:49 PMPosted by Aurrius
Yes, this is my first time playing a Diablo game? Should I play the first two games or just wait for this to come out.

I wouldn't shy away at trying D2/LoD.
You guys should play D1 and D2 simply because they are great games (D1 may be a little dated now, but it will probably help you enjoy some of the "inside" jokes that are likely to be in D3). I'm sure they will do a good job of giving you the background of the Diablo Universe but why have it told to you when you can live it? There are some truly epic battles (stone guardians at the Mt. Arreat Summit anyone?) that are worth playing through the LOD expansion to D2 as well. Good way to stop biting your fingernails waiting for D3 to come out too!
First time I saw D1 footage I had to get it, been playing D2 on and off for the last 5 years. I also bought about 6 copies of Diablo because I always managed to lose the cd/cdkey...

I'm most excited about the loot, especially the inferno-only loot.

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