Ok I got a email today about beta

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Trolling or not. Its kinda pointless to start a thread on the forums to ask a blue something. I would log on to battle.net and check my beta client. I would not click on ANY links in an email no matter how "legit" it looks. If the email includes a beta code in plain text in the body then MAYBE I would try it on battle.net account management.

I also don't care if someone appearing to be legit claims the emails going out are legit and that we should all click the link. For all I know his forum account could have been compromised and someone looking to promote their scams found a way.
How did you guys let this get to 11 pages? PLEASE thumbs down original post and select trolling.

08/31/2011 05:31 PMPosted by Chambermaid
wow my thread hit 11 pages



How did you guys let this get to 11 pages? PLEASE thumbs down original post and select trolling. Pathetic...

So you thumbs down and added another post?
Jesus Christ, you guys let this reach 12 pages? He's bs'ing.
I got a email a while back that was fake and it was rather obvious, it was listed under spam in my email, as well the link was ww.battle.net/whatever it was, as long as there isn't a link, or asking for your information, you should be fine, and its also not requiring you to do anything at the moment. So its either legit or just someone trolling for giggles
If this is true then i am so jelly right now
Man o Man, I want the beta, Paging doctor blow stuff up mu ha ha ha ha ha ha
To all ye that shouteth "troll!" I have this to say.

After a brief glance at posts by chambermaid, I've seen that he has been pretty active in posting on a variety of topics on the forums, none of which seem to be troll-ish in the slightest.

Also, i would like to point out that, while he has not posted an screenshot due to a seemingly irrational fear of being banned/locked, he has been forthcoming and cooperative with information, and seems to be genuinely waiting for a blue post/some sort of confirmation.

So if he's a troll, which he indeed could be, he's community member who woke up this morning and decided "Hey! I wanna troll the forums today!" And then proceded to behave in a rather un-trollish manner in all follow up posts.

Also, on a side note, save yourself from looking like an idiot and save the rest of us a whole lot of time by READING A THREAD THROUGH before replying. We don't need 82 comments telling us the same thing.
look, we are all very anxious for these emails but please, no more trolling guys cmon!
It took 11 hours for this to get 12 pages Chambermaid prolly thinking, jokes on u!
seriously that troll word is so stupid.. give it up nerd
Jumping to conclusions will only lead to heartburn. Until you see 100's of people posting in the forums that they too got their invites (living their 5 minutes of fame), I would just assume that this is either someone trying to get you wound up, or is unaware of the lack of authenticity regarding emails from Blizzard.

In the end, you are either right by assuming this, or feel like a turd for about 4 seconds for being a pesimist. After the 4 seconds, you will realize that the beta is waiting for you (if invited) and proceed to forget about the random "Troll!" post you made here.
ok listen ppl blizzard specifically states that they won't send u links or anythig like that, the only thing u can do to see if u legit got into beta is check your account summary on your battle.net account if u got in u will have a diablo 3 download right in there DON'T GET SCAMMED!!
I don't get why are you waiting for a blue to answer...

They already said that when invites are released, it's gonna be the first news to appear in the web... In any case, you just log in to your account and check if you can dload the game...

Otherwise, just block that address and go on with your daily routine till real beta keys are released.

Who knows... you may actually get a BlizzCon invite after all when they are released...
I wouldn't waste time posting I got beta invite in general. I would A. get everything ready B. while everything on comp is getting ready go stash up on snacks C. Test beta until I fall asleep in computer chair =D

And... Repeat Steps C+D until game is released..
I was under the impression that no one was going to get invites until after the 4th or so. (source Battle.net- "we will be releasing some beta keys starting early September, after our announcement") please check me on that, but I was under the impression it was "early" September.
Just hit the reply button. My guess is it will something like ...@diablo-blizard.com They are faking the header.

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