Items you hope will come back for D3.

Items and Crafting
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Nightwings Veil
Kiras Guardian
Griffons Eye
Stone of Jordon. (Never found one in D2 ever)
Lidless Wall
Skin of the Viper Magi
Doombringer - Champion's Sword (Loved it)
The Grandfather (1.08 tehehe)
Vampire Gaze
Gore Riders
War Travelers
Highlord's Wrath

Never played past 1.09, maybe a bit... but can't remember much else :D
dungo eth CARAPACEEEEdeathcleaverrWar travelers GORE riders STEEL REND chancies

I just hope runewords will be in the game. Added so much depth with ladder-only runewords and softcore only runewords.

Can people really hate more items?
Immortal King's Set (Because we have the Barb)
Herald of Zakarum (for Aesthetic reasons or for the Templar to Use)
silks of the victor for sure... hands down my favourite looking armor, except make it way more ultimate, like max level or put it in its own item class of "scaling legendaries" like the 1-85 items in wow

also for customization, make a system that just costs a lot of gold, or with rare ingedients, (organs maybe?) that make it so u can add 1-2 extra random effects (1 at a time) to make your items more unique to you, and u can fool around with it and replace the random effect until u get one you want, like magic find or bonues damage, and make it useable on ANY item (including uniques/legendaires!)

ALSO MOST IMPORTANT THING I WANT! SOMETHING THAT GIVES U LYCANTHROPE PLZ, logan's claw says (unleaash the beast within) or something similar, that would be awesome, or bring back wolfhowl helm.
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Staff of Apocalypse from Diablo 1. Just kidding. (Anyone remember? nvm)

Hahaha, that wouldn't be imba at all...
I always liked Bloodletters, they look kinda like noob swords, but for whatever reason it was always fun to run around going stabby stabby on a frenzy barb to me.
Shako, occulus and..buriza.If buriza comes back i'll make a dh just for it.
Saw that Immortal Kings set is back which was my favorite. Would like to see a Natalya's Odium type set for the DH.
Wirt's fourth leg.
Lenymo sash
butchers pupil looks cool aswell so bring that back too

Soul spurs aswell
Lightsabre woooo def gotta bring that back
Imortal Kings set
Frostburn Gauntlets.
Heavenly Garb Light Plate
Videle's Light Plate Boots.
Iron Jang !@#$ War Staff

That is all. These are not even that great. I just have a soft spot in heart for D2 Classic.

Edit* Wow, they actually censor out Iron Jang --> %^-* War Staff
I would like if they actually had those npc's whose item sets belong to
Stone of Jordan as some kind of vanity item would be awesome. Was basically the currency of Diablo 2 pre expansion.

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