Items you hope will come back for D3.

Items and Crafting
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Jordan Ring
08/28/2011 10:46 PMPosted by ChronSolo
Wirt's Leg
i gotta say im not familiar with all these items, seeing as how i played on open and alot of times just made my own gear...i loved the Uniques color effects, like making all white sets, or black, or green, blue, even purple
Please bring back the uber bosses, i loved soloing them.

Rune worded ethreal armor...mmmm
Hsarus' Defense
Isenhart's Armory
Nokozan Relic

always liked a good item that increased my chances of finding other items, mana & health regen or magic resists
an item i cannot believe isnt on the webiste is shaco that was like the go to item in d2! also arkaines valor was huge too!
Veil of Steel coolest helm ever.
Wirt's Leg as an exceptional unique from inferno and you have to beat down Wirt and wrest his leg from his cold dead body.

Teach that prat for scamming all my gold in Diablo 1.


Can't get enough of killing that little prick.
lol cleglaw's because its funny
Cruel Bastard Sword (N, N, and N, and maybe A)
Cracked Sash (F,A,N)
The Diggler (N)
Tal Rasha's Set (F,A,N)

And just for lols - Bugged Occy Ring, Valor, .08 Windforce, and Constricting Ring.
Kings Sword of Haste
Godly Plate of the Whale (or Ages)
Obsidian Ring/Amulet of the Zodiac
Windforce and Grandfather for me.... I remember playing 8 or 9 years ago now and wanting those so bad :).

I think that's one of the great things about the Diablo series is the returning of old unique items - and character specific items ex gris's edge making their way in as well

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