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I want start playing NAO
= =
I am back up and running. Just deleted the launcher and I am back in
Will the Beta ever be open to the Diablo series fans at all? I would play the shiz out of it if I got a key :-D
Man rly hope i get in waiting a long time for this the beta will be soooo dopppe
Nice to talk to you after all these years.
How you been?
people are killing me with there streaming and photos. It is ok tho i shall destroy your innards in battle in the arena when diablo comes out i shall have my revenge!!!!
I will sell my soul and sacrifice my first born for a beta invite
09/07/2011 03:41 PMPosted by Misstery

When did you get the email?
Because i hope i get one really soon!!!!
I've been waiting sooooooo long for this beta... I even got a shiny new keyboard and mouse. (And mobo, video card, processor, and RAM, but that's small stuff.)

I hope I get in... :3
So want to be apart of this OMG SO excited.
Can't wait!!! XD I hope the game comes out Janruary!
Can i have one of the beta license please
aaarh i want a beta key :(
I want a beta key!!!
How can I get one?
after reading 3 pages of "woot" and "yay" I haven't seen much video?
Sweet! Praying and fasting that I get an invite! PLEASE HEAVEN (OR HELL) get me in this beta!
09/07/2011 04:24 PMPosted by Highport
after reading 3 pages of "woot" and "yay" I haven't seen much video?

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