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Oh man.. Please for the love of all that's holy activate my account. I already have it installed, just in case!
Does anybody else find themselves checking their account hourly (or more frequently) just hoping for a pop-up saying that they are invited to the Beta?

One thing is for sure, if I get a beta key and my wife doesn't, she's going to steal mine.

oh man since last night ive been watching my email and account every like 15 mins to make sure i dont miss out on anything =( hopefully this time i'll be invited , never been invited to any of blizzards beta and ive been arround since warcraft :(
Sweet...! I hope I get a beta invite. Been such a huge fan of Diablo 2.
yeah I love Diablo... I hope ill get a beta key aswelll :D
And finally, after all these years of waiting, we can finally begin this leg of the great journey. All of this Diablo III talk still seemed so distant until now. :) Good luck to everyone getting invites in the near future.
Caught some videos of excited and hoping for a key!
VERY VERY Excited to say the least...!
LAN party!
can't wait to get a beta key
Yeah they should let the gamers born in the 80's play it...

Original Gamers. =p
09/07/2011 11:54 PMPosted by Indomitable
About to replace my gtx 580 with 2 590's LETS DO THIS!

Yes because 2 590's are necessary to run a game that could probably be maxed out by a single 8800gt...
I want this game so much. Propably beta will come in 1-2 weeks.
can't wait
Must have keeeeey!!!
i hope there is some search code determines who posted and gives them beta keys
Mmmm.... the dirty things I would do for a beta key....
I have been dreaming of playing d3 for the last few days. Hopefully these will be a reality soon. Huge fan of Diablo 2 eagerly waiting for the beta key.

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