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I'm really hoping I get an invite !! I'll be checking my email and account constantly. I really hope I get into this beta test!!
Beta to start this weekend. Hopefully.
So if anyone at blizz has a daughter that they cant get married off, i will take them if they come with a beta key to F&F. my only requirments are that they are 18-67yrs old, 77 - 600 lbs and can comunicate in some form or fashion, english is a plus, but not required.
I will treat her like a queen and pamper her as well as a hard working construction worker can :)

also willing to be adopted out, i will be a very respectable child and come over and do lawn work and clean dish's

see you in the beta :)

This. So very, very much this.
!@#$ YEA!!!!!
Oh gosh how i want an invite =/
Whoo! Here's hoping for the public beta launch soon! :D
are we aloud to stream?
Yeah, you can do what ever you want! There is no NDA. Not surprising since they have kept basically the entire story under raps.

edit: probably in my dreams, guess ill be sleeping 12 hours tonight then :D
if i get the beta invite.. im gonna stream 24/7 (even my work)
Ready to soil myself <3
Sounds good to me :)
Hmmm... Family~Friends
Sweet about time! hope soon public start.
Its been a long time diablo.
OMGGGgggggggggg i want one
Awesome news! I am loving watching a stream of it already. I really hope I get into beta. I know everyone else is too but I can't over exaggerate how big a fan I am of the Diablo series. My birthday is on the 11th of September and I hope I get it as a prezzie :D

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