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I've seen some footage available on the interwebs and I noticed a cloth chest piece in particular. When this drops off of an enemy on to the ground, the graphic on the ground looks like a heavy duty steel full upper body armor piece. In Diablo 2 cloth armor looks like cloth armor on the ground.
Also, I was watching a stream at another point and I saw cloth pants drop on the ground which also looked like a metallic upper body piece. Now I'm not sure if the pants had the graphic of an upper body piece because I couldn't rewind, but I do know that they looked metallic.

It's not a big deal, but I think it would be kinda nice if the item graphic laying on the ground more resembled the item as shown in the inventory/equipped. I'm not sure if other items are like this or if i'm just noticing the one oddball occurrence.
It's possible that they just used a placeholder for now, or that they simply used only 2 or 3 models for ground drops, and picked the wrong one for that particular item type.
Yeah I'm betting on place holder items, art stuff always seems to be the last thing patched in(I wonder why?).

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