so i take it

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from the looks of it, the first wave has been sent out, can anyone confirm?
No, its F&F only atm, what makes you think otherwise?
my buddy said he got his invite and he is surely not f&f but he could be lying
I feel like I'm walking up to a stone bridge, cause I can smell a troll.
GO with lying, I've had afew friends tell me they got invites but their all full of it, Till he posts here with a D3 icon he is full of it.
I was just wondering, thanks deepa
I think your Blindspot kept you from seeing the stickied posts at the top of this forum.

C wat i did tharr?
hey no offence, I just asked, I got the answer and I thanked deepa for that, now if you would like to be ignorant and flame me, go ahead, your karma, not mine

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