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I have played D2 countless hours, anyone have any good suggestions for action rpgs to play waiting for D3?

- Torch light
- Titan Quest
- Sacred 2
- Path Of Exile Beta
- Dungeon Siege
- Nox

those are the games I've played off the top of my head.
Go outside.
I'm splitting my time between SC2/WoW and Warhammer: Space Marine
age of empires 2!
Dead Island!

50 on steam and its got first person action rpg elements. I like it a lot ^^
League of Legends. It's fun and free, and a serious time sink if that's what you're looking for.
Diablo 2
Bastion !
lol i remember Nox..

Battlefield 3 i already paid for in full.

Skyrim i will play for sure.

Dota2 is gonna be sick too

also i play sc2 a lot cause im good at it
I liked Dungeon Siege.
Just re-installed Diablo 2.

Also have Age of Empires Online to keep me busy, and WoW for raid nights.

A Beta invite will cancel all those...
fly rc heli and gonna wreck it again
fallout new vegas
civ 5 but it keeps crashing
mass effect 2
Sacred 1 was better than 2 imo also, wow someone else remembers nox? Oh and HoN is free to play now.
Nox is awesome.

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