Wish Upon a Fallen Star

Lore and Story
You just spoiled the game. GG. Now I have no reason to buy this game because I now know that clearly Ryan Reynolds is the meteor. And I had a suspicion all along...

09/09/2011 09:22 PMPosted by Set
we have those in war3 and we call it inferno, we have those in sc2 we call it zerg spores, in d3? I don't know, maybe it is thor's hammer or ryan reynold.
A meteor???
It could just be A falling star sent to kill Chain? By heaven or hell?
09/21/2011 09:07 AMPosted by Blumentritt
it's the yan-yan cat. ran out of raibows

good riddance

now i won't need to make a flash animation of that dumb cat getting brutally destroyed/murdered/overkilled in the most sinister/evil/violent/tormenting way possible and then flooding it into the interwebs on every site/computer i could possibly get my hands on

time for a good night sleep
Pretty sure it's Lilith trapped in the Black Soul Stone.
Its tyrael
"And justice will fall upon the world of men"
It's basically been comfirmed that the falling star is Tyreal in the opening cinematic. Cain says that "Justice shall fall upon the world of men." Tyreal is the angel of Justice.
A fallen star ? Michael Jackson ! oh not that kind of star.. well im not suporting the Archangel theorie because in D2 Tyrael was there and there was no word of any fallen star
It is possible, but I'm going to put my money on not black soulstone.

If Zoltun Kulle was the creator of the Soulstone I would assume it would be in the possession of the Horadrim (now Cain, secured upon Zoltun's banishment) or in Zoltun's lair which has been confirmed to be in the game.

I'm going to put my money on it being Tyreal.
When Cain says Justice will fall upon the earth, he also mentions Valor and Hope, both the names of other archangels, so clearly it was archangels he was referring to.

I think Imperius casts him out in his wrath but am unsure as to why. It seems most convenient to pin it on the destruction of the Worldstone, but had he not destroyed it, corrupted as it were, the Nephalem would have probably fallen into the hands of the forces of evil. Perhaps he will be blamed for precipitating the events that necessitated its destruction, inciting Imperius' wrath. Perhaps there will be another motion by the Angiris Council to eliminate the Nephalem now that their power is left unchecked by the destruction of the Worldstone, which Tyreal tries to thwart, inciting Imperius' wrath. These are my best guesses.
laser-shooting-cows from heaven - we'll have to defeat them in a secret level! :)
04/01/2012 12:51 PMPosted by D3BETA
laser-shooting-cows from heaven - we'll have to defeat them in a secret level! :)

The question is, where are they shooting the lasers out of? The udders. Oh my Diablo.

Fallen star is tyrael in human form, there is a screenshot called "Wizard and Templar Meet a Stranger" on blizzards website in media tab go to screenshots and you'll see what the fallen star truly is.
I'm going with the "Its Tyrael" theory

"JUSTICE shall fall on the world of men"

Only problem is that the star appears to be causing the dead to rise. I don't see Tyrael causing that, intentionally or not.

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