Hungering Arrow

Demon Hunter
Is this spell still a level 1 spell? Is it still in the game? Is it still a guided arrrow?
09/12/2011 06:00 AMPosted by Marine
3. Yes - it also has a 50% chance to pierce the target so if it's one target, it can piece it, and come back around and hit it again.

If you add the piercing arrow runestone to it, the chance to pierce the the target goes up to 95%, so is it possible to shoot one shot and just stand back and watch as the arrow repeatedly goes through a group of enemy's over and over until they all eventually die? Obviously there's a 5% chance for it to not pierce, so in that case you would have to shoot again, but it would be sweet to see a group of enemy's die to one arrow :).
Even if it can only pierce once, that's still 140% weapon damage to 2 targets, or 280% weapon damage to a single target, like say a boss, which is pretty good imo, especially since it's guided and only costs 15 Hatred. Here's a build that I've come up with focusing around Hungering Arrow.!XWU!bZYcZc
How does the Indigo (Scatter) rune work?
no runes in beta
It doesn't seem to guide after the first target...if you line the targets up, it'll go through them, but it's not like you can fire 1 arrow and expect it to kill everything on the screen.
If it kills its target and goes through it will look for another target close by, will not pierce a second target from what i have seen
I actually just looked this up earlier today and found a pretty nice video on just Hungering Arrow.

You can see in there where it hits 3-4 targets sometimes. Not sure if it is like the Guided Arrow pierce back in the old D2 days (where it would just keep hitting the same target over and over again), or if it just hits one, goes to the next nearest target, and then keeps doing that randomly but would not hit any of the targets it already hit.
Yeah, mine today would sometimes hit the same target multiple times but it was all random. I found it to be frustrating and I just changed to the bola shot. I would like if it was like the witch doctors haunt spell. If it killed the target it sought out another.

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