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Am watching someone streaming the game, looks ready for release to me? Are they just getting the last couple kinks out right now?
post feed plz
Pretty much. The game has felt great since the day it was unveiled in 2008, it just wasn't done. As recently as the last month, they were still working out how to implement rune socketing and unsocketing, and at this moment in beta, they still don't have the second (non real id) friend system in place.
feed. he just got done playing his doctor and now he started a new monk.
they are testing hardware and server load.. also cracking minor bugs that !@# up.. i will not be shocked if the get some version of the rmah rolling using play money or something. or just put a gah in..

also getting a chance to see how people are playing the different classes allows them to tune the higher level difficulty ..and i personaly don't expect a release date announcment untill blizcon

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