Diablo 3 Standard,Wide screen, Letterbox

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What the difference? I usually play in wide screen 1980X1050
Its just different aspect ratios.

Man you must be annoyed your SO close to full HD with that res(1920x1080 is full HD).
I just checked my screen reolution and it is 1920x1080. I was off.

I have an Asus Ml24H8 monitor and I absolutely love it!
Playing diablo in a correct widescreen aspect ratio is going to be weeeeeeeiiirrrddd

We were dealing with issues with 16:10 monitors yesterday. The client will run in 1920x1200 in Full Screen, but not in Full Window or Windowed mode.

Windowed at best will let me run it at 1680x1050.
This is probably the thing I'm most excited about, honestly.

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