Take your time or rush through?

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I am going to play the entire game coop with my brother. We will explore everything there is to see, hear everything there is to hear, and kill everything there is to kill. After that, we will make our push through inferno mode.
After I get geared enough, and figure out a nice build for inferno... I will MF like an absolute madman. I will have carpal tunnel flareups like I did back in high school, MFing all night, putting off my homework...
With the AH systems and crafting etc, etc, MFing for me is going to be even more addicting than in D2.The only thing is though (and this is not bad) is that a LOT of my initial MFing will go towards gearing up every alt I make.. Because I want to beat the game with everyone, like I did in D2.
After I stabilize and sort of fall into my niche with who I will play most, I will be PvPing and MFing all the time.
Both. At the same time.
I am going to take a lot of time, and explore every nook. It has always been a really bad habit of mine to rush to endgame, which makes the game feel short and me unfulfilled..
This game has to last me the next 10 years if Blizzard continues its development trends. So I'll be taking my time the first play through. After that it'll be full blown keyboard face rolling.
Some people have jobs and won't be using the RMAH as a revenue stream. Just sayin..
after watching the old gameplay videos again and again to get into the spirit, I noticed how awesome and immersive the environments are. I will take my time and explore everything I can.
Should I be lucky enough to be chosen, I will soak in every bit of environmental detail and lore like a fresh sponge. It will be glorious.
probly rush through normal then take my time in Nightmare idk how theyre doing the maps this time around but if they are randomized that would be cool.
for the first few times, i'll rush, but afterwards once i get decent gear, i'll stop to see the sights, of course i already do most of that while i rush but still.
09/05/2011 12:38 PMPosted by MortQ
First time through slowly in private game to savour the story... after that we'll see if I can suppress my misanthropic tendencies and play Public Games.

this ^
obv we gonna run thu the real game but its there forever. so u can go back and do everything lie "skill quest" was in d2

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