Couple questions relating to the diablo books

Lore and Story
Are there any plans in the future for the diablo books that have been printed to be turned into audio books and will any of the characters (Aside from Tyrael, Diablo, etc.) from the books make an appearance in Diablo 3?
- Plans for audio (drama) books... not for Diablo yet I heard. Warcraft and StarCraft have some already (e.g. Stormrage and Heaven's Devils), I have no doubt Blizzard won't continue producing audio books also for Diablo. I suspect when a new line of D3-era Diablo books release then will the audios maybe sold.

- Chances of novel characters appearing in the game, that so far only speculation (e.g Zayl and Dumon). Maybe Bul-Kathos (if he's enough to classified as a "novel character" for ya' being his debut appearance from the Sin War trilogy) might, might show up in the ravaged Dreadlands. Though that's my own speculation. ;p
I just finished reading the first book of the Sin War. While they aren't main/minor characters, it would be good to see Morlu warriors in the game. They seem like they would make a good game mob. On the other hand, I haven't read the rest of the lore so I'm not sure if they would make sense to still be around during the present storyline.
Some demons like Kabraxis would be great to see in the game as wwell.
But i suspect none of the characters woulb be present cause the events of the sin war took place about 10 thousand years before Diablo1 huehuehueh
Only imortal beings would be able to do so.
Demons are immortal, they never truly die. The only demon to have truly "died" would be Lucion. Uldyssian simply willed him to be gone and he was. He didn't go into the eternal darkness or whatever it is demons go to once they "die." Anyways Kabraxis could technically be in the game, but I doubt it. Kabraxis is a very subtle demon.
"Uldyssian simply willed him to be gone and he was"...
He was truly powerful eh? This part of the lore claims that Uldyssian would be as powerful as a god or something. I wonder if the heroes of D3 would be like him at some part of the game.

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