Enchant Visuals Little too much?

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I feel like the enchant visuals are too over powering to the point where its hard to tell what kind of weapon your holding, your just holding a glowing orb on a stick.
As, I said in the weapon glow thread:

"I agree. Not every weapon/enchant needs to have a glow effect, or it should at least be a bit more subtle, with varying degrees of glowing. There certainly shouldn't be this much glowing this early in the game, either. It gives the false impression that these weapons are really much stronger than they appear, and in the end the more powerful items/enchants will not really stand out."

In the case of enchant visuals, it would be nice if they were a little more subtle.
Since the game is in Beta the world is watching and wishing they could play.

It is natural for you to find little things to nit pick at but in reality there is no problem.

Take WoW for example. You could enchant your alts gear with giant glowing rave weapons but it really didn't make your end game gear feel any less epic.

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